Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wonky Jacket Success!!

Ah, the joys of sewing! I finished everything for the jacket except the bottom hem and the cuffs - and of course, moved on to other things and have had the jacket sitting on a hanger for more than a week.

Anyway, I think the jacket is already too small since it's been a few weeks since I cut the pieces. I showed Baby the jacket an she cooed over it, so I guess she thinks it looks alright!

After completing the bodice I attached the collar, which here has been interfaced:

Then I attached the zip which should go halfway up the collar piece - here I haven't cut off the excess at the top:

Then I attached the sleeves after sewing together the 3 pieces each sleeve came in:

Then added the placket (to the right of the zip) before I flipped over the collar to check how it should end up looking after the lining is attached:

The lining was interesting. I was supposed to attach the whole thing and sew it on with right sides of outer and lining material together, before turning the whole thing inside out so no stitching could be seen from the outside. It took me a while to understand the instructions, but it finally clicked and here the photo shows just before I sewed the final seams to close up the lining:

All sewn up before final hemming and cuffing (which still isn't done!).

All in all, a pretty quick project despite the fact I haven't finished it! Of course it needs an iron and cross fingers it fits!

Since not completing it, I have found lovely patterns for box purses and handbags and have been sewing up a storm with all my textile stash! At laaaast, all my material from aeons past is being put to use!

 Ah, blogger won't let me centre my pic -but it's a taster of what else I've been doing!

Ciao, peeps!

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