Monday, December 7, 2009

The Quiet Before the Storm

I spent the day at home, rising very late and basically lolling horizontal till empty stomach grumblings forced me to make a very cheesy omelette for lunch for me and Hubby Boo. We watched Terminator Salvation and then Labyrinth, with a very round-faced Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie, whose crotch was extremely distracting (not for any other reason except men in tights should at least wear a little padding out of courtesy). Late in the afternoon I began pottering around the house, opening and emptying drawers crammed full of kiddie debris and leftover childhood hobby detritus.

Hubby left for some editing for his latest film which of course is still in post. I then continued my haphazard sorting through of the stuff in my kids' room. Oy. There's lots I wish I could just jettison, but some stuff just needs to stick around until the kids don't want them anymore. Nothing is a stronger argument for keeping something than a child's insistence that she or he wants it.

So I have done one room and a little of the living room. There's not as much as I thought there was. I guess my biggest task will be clearing out more stuff from the kitchen. It's only at Raya time when I absolutely need everything in the kitchen, but I am hoping I may be able to streamline things more, what with a third one on the way. There needs to be space for baby kitchen stuff now too.

I have also been doing lots of sewing and basically using up all the textiles and materials I have accumulated over 5 years. I've already culled about three quarters of it and passed it along to my mum who will distribute it among family and also have some clothes made for her rellies.

So all in all, a very domestic day, and past week, I would say. It's been nice, productive and a little time-warpingly slow. Restful. Now I am taking a little break from my assembly line of sewing - I am still making variously-shaped zippered pouches and start by assembling the two sides with the zip. Later, I will change sewing foot and close them up - to indulge in a little instant noodle (soto flavour) culinary fun.

Christmas is coming up soon and I am a little less enthusiastic about it than usual. I think I rather would like to stay home alone, but we'll see when the day arrives. Rest assured, I will not be partaking in Christmas cheer madness in the city or other insanity-inducing jammed hotspots!

I have been taking part in some lovely warehouse sales that have brought wonderful garments that more fit my belly-forward shape, into my heart and life, for cheap. I love a good bargain, and I am definitely not one to spend tonnes of money on branded items, especially when high street copies turn up only a few weeks after the latest styles emerge. I was happy because they seemed to only have larger sizes at the sales, so where I struck gold, skinny Panini lucked out. Aw.

Anyway, this was sort of a nothing post about lots of little things, kind of the vibe going on in my life right now, a while lot of time not really doing much but handling lots of little things. It's good, it's nice.

Have a happy week everyone,

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