Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Sewing Adventure

So, I really got into making the jacket. In a couple of hours since posting this morning I have finished the body of the jacket and just need to do the collar, sleeves and lining and zipper opening. I liked making this because I have been trying to draft my own patterns and finding myself hopelessly lacking in perseverence. Also, having to think about how pieces should be drafted and fit together turned me off sewing for quite a while.

This pattern is Girl's Jacket No 140 from October Burda 2009. I chose a plaid, knowing full well the problems associated with matching the checks etc. I had tried to match up the checks during the cutting of the material, and I think I did a fairly good job, though I can't commend my accuracy.

The first seam I stitched, the back centre seam, was a bit of a laugh, because after all the care I took in cutting the pieces to match, I sewed it so haphazardly that the lines didn't match at all!

So, after a bit of ripping, which I absolutely loathe, I took real care to match the seams nicely.

After that, add back waistband and lower back piece, then move on to the front pieces. First, I prepared the pockets, which were the most fiddly bits and required some neatness which I have no patience for - I'm kind of in the wrong hobby aren't I?

Attach pockets to fronts, then attach pocket flaps as well. Those were wonky and quite unpleasant to make, and am hoping my little one isn't a stickler for perfect pocket flaps.

FInally, attach front top to waist pieces and then to bottom pieces, then sew fronts to back at side and shoulder seams.

I stopped after I read the next instruction, which is to interface the collar and attach it. It's been a while since I've done that, and then the sleeves come after! And then I have to repeat the whole process with the lining! Tomorrow, I think.

Still, I feel wonderfully productive in a way I haven't for a while. Working with your hands in a smart way has always been good work to me, and it has been a very pleasurable morning!



yano corleone said...

the jacket look weird..hehe..but maybe cos it aint ready yet..btw salam aidiladha to you and your family..=)

Unknown said...

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