Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All Quiet on the Home Front

Today I woke up before my alarm rang - and not because I was woken by a child creeping in or even shrill voices outside the door - but because I had had enough sleep!

The kids are with grandma and Hubby Boo is away today, so it was to a quiet house I awoke.

It's nice. I immediately made my bed, threw open the windows and made myself a hearty breakfast. I NEVER do these things, I usually feel a little put out that the first thing I have to do in the morning is for someone else. I realised today that I haven't really changed (as I had thought) in my belief that the morning is a beautiful part of the day, it's just that today, it's MY morning.

Feels really nice.

I am catching up on my cooking shows and finishing a whole lot of sewing (which I actually really haven't started). Yesterday I finished a skirt for Panini, and it turned out better-made than I expected. I shall find out today if the fit was good enough. Today I start on a variation on a winter jacket for Baby 2. The biggest commitment I have today is a yoga class after skipping a full 2 months' worth, due to nausea and sleep (not lack of it, but too much of it!).

I hope the jacket will take less than two days. Then I move on to more tops for Panini and hopefully a red carpety dress for me. Though I can fit a pattern together, I can't say much about my workmanship, and I do tend to get put off if I make a mistake. Having to make something for others does pull up my expectations of myself a bit!

Thank goodness for Burda World of Fashion magazine. I used to buy it every time I could find it, but recently realised it's not on sale in Malaysia anymore. I tracked down a back issue an subscribed. After a few months of miscommunication, I finally received my first issue! Bliss! I think it may be available in Singapore for readers and home-sewers there, as they have a distributor based there (but I have never come across it). And much as I love the Japanese dressmaking and crafts books at Kino, I am not keen on their fashion sensibility and cost! I am definitely a type that needs a waist in my clothes!

I will post a picture of my progress, if I don't either get too carried away or lose interest...

Anyway, have a happy day everybody! If I could send one wish out to everybody, it would be that I hope you have a moment of warm happiness that brightens up your day!



yano corleone said...

hei there..uve got an awesome blog..=)..like the honest and passionate posts..there were a couple of ur previous posts which actually made me went through ur archives from the very start of this blog..haha..ur style of writing is similar to afdlins but less subtle than patrick teoh's..hehe..

yano corleone said...

woops..i mean more subtle.patrick's is out of the world..haha..but still great to read..=)..

pye:rudz said...

...and she finally resurfaced... ;)

mamasan said...

thanks for stopping by and for the compliments! yes, pye:rudz (that's very hard to type), i have resurfaced, and blogged twice in one day too!



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