Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Tonight's theme, the BeGloved One, Michael Jackson.

My favourite is still over-the-top Adam Lambert, so self-assured and certain. But do the 'Mericans like him? I also like Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey, and the rest are pretty much dross to me. Don't necessarily think the latter two gave the best performances tonight, but I still like 'em. Gokey better stop doing the hokey-pokey.

pics courtesy american idol

Anoop and Jorge seem to stick in my mind, but in particular with Jorge, I think it's because Paula Judge and Kara Judge seem to think he can't express himself in English. As Simon put it, "that's patronising", and gosh, I wish they would stop harping on about his bloody accent. He is obviously conversant in English, does it matter how he speaks? They can't seem to make the mental leap past his ethnic background, to actually take in the fact that he is responding to them in Engerlish. Sheesh.

Someone check who's styling these poor kids!

Nice to see Kara Judge and Paula Judge's sentimentalism and earnestness haven't rubbed off on you, Simon baby. See you next week, cuddles.



shamaine said...

next time don't have auditions in puerto rico and expect puerto ricans to express well in English.


p.s. since when is Puerto Rico part of the US of A?

pye:rudz said...

i think anoop has this charming aura


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