Monday, April 14, 2008

Check Out Blues

I have been trying to reduce my usage of plastic bags. Gosh, is that the hardest thing to do in Malaysia?

Many large-chain supermarkets sell "green bags" at the check out counters. Yet some of the people checking out my stuff don't understand me when I say I don't want plastic bags, that I will use my green bag... that I just bought... from you... were you here in your body just now?

OR they don't want me to reduce my plastic bags!

Thankfully my local Gigantor store (name changed to protect... someone) has some clever chicks behind the counter, though there are a few obstinate wenches who get upset when I have to dive over the counter and wrestle the plastic off my produce. Mostly they get angry when I mix my frozen goods with boxed goods. IT'S MY STUFF! I'll drive over it if I want to!!

Today I did a big shop at a hypermarket. Because I had forgotten my green bags, I had to take the plastic. So I told the counter guy, twice, loudly, "Fill up those bags, cos I want to use as few bags as possible". Being all about service, he proceeded to ignore me and fill up each medium-sized bag with just two or three things. So I took the half-empty bags as they came and asked him to put a few more items in each. At first, he looked at me quizzically, as if to say, "What? A grown woman who has delivered kids, run a company, negotiated and handled contracts and has a brain, thinks she knows how she wants to pack her plastic bags?"

God, I just wanted to slap him, just for giving me that look, the Customer Service Look of Malaysia, that look that says, "You're just the customer, what the hell do you know?"

But I knew really, he didn't have any bad intentions, he just reacted the way most Malaysians react when they come across a strange situation: they act as if they know better than you, are better than you, and can think better for you.


But I suppose it's not their dim little selves' fault. There are some pretty dumb customers out there too.

Panini once told me she saw someone buying a green bag, paying for their stuff, and putting their plastic-bagged groceries into their green bags. I suppose they feel good because they really are doing something for their environment. Can anyone else see why that is the stupidest thing to do?!!!?!???!??!?!??!?!?!?
I despair, I despair, I despair.

Hubby boo used to tell me I get worked up over too much. Now he tells me the reason I should stop is that I am working him up too. I swear I am probably borderline hypertensive because of the people in my environment.

My mum used to say, it just takes one idiot to ruin your moment / day / life. That one idiot just sticks, and sticks and sticks, and makes life a misery, and just drains and drains and drains. Today I met one of the many that I constantly find myself battling in my life. You' think I would spend more energy coming up against people who have strong beliefs about something right? No. It has to be the dumbass.

Sorry for the rant. It's been a long time coming.

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Auntie Dot said...

You're probably right about the cause of hypertension in life being the idiots that makes you wonder is there a point to their existence. I get that feeling every time I drive in KL.

Actually, my personal thoughts is that Malaysian drivers ARE the cause of hypertension, period. They need CT scan of the brains and psychiatric evaluation before being granted the drivers license, but, hey, I'm not the PM.

I get that "look" from this ding bats every time I don't want their plastic bags too. It must be nice being ignorant I guess because they get to throw that condescending look at the people who you actually have the brains to not use plastics etc. "He who knows not and knows not he knows not, is daft." That look a madman gives a sane man.

And why is it that the biodegradable plastic bags are more expansive than a non biodegradable one? The former have a shorter half life, then why the hell does it cost more? Same thing with healthier food with no added sugar, no preservatives etc. If there are less ingredients, than what the fish are we paying for? The illusive sugar?

I must be menopausing before due time, because I find my surrounding irritating...hmmm...


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