Friday, April 11, 2008


**Spoilers Ahead**

And why?

Not because it was Michael Johns that got out. I suppose in my heart I knew he was not made to win Idol, and also he was starting to grate. Not because I believe it was too early for him or that he had too much talent to be outed so soon. After watching Idol for so many seasons, America often votes out someone who deserves to carry on, while pointlessly keeping in the one or two who should have left weeks before.

Which brings me to why I am pissed.


It just reinforces the whole stereotype of the popular cheerleader prom and homecoming queen who has little more than looks and sales to get her through. And by sales I mean sex, charm, smarts, stupids... whatever it is that certain people have that keeps them being liked despite the fact that they have relatively little talent or useful skill for the community, or even purpose. Hrrrumphh!!!

Carly, Carly, pull it together, man!! We all know Syesha deserves to be int he bottom three, but you? If it keeps going like this, I give you two weeks, tops.

Next week - Mariah Carey songs!!
Can't wait to see what Castro does.
Don't want to see what Syesha does.



Anonymous said...

KRISTY is the one who is supposed to leave Idol not MICHAEL. Why why why??? *sob*

I sooooo hate her and her slutty looks and image. Haha

Cheers to you and your family!


Auntie Dot said...

I think the finale would be David vs David. It has to be!!! Otherwise,it'll be a repetition of Taylor Hicks.

ms ngantuk said...

i know m.johns wont win yet he shouldn't be out that soon. that kristy is damn annoying n boring!

Unknown said...

hiii! you got blog! cute. but why is it all about American Idol? are you a violent addict of Idol? awww ... poopy ...

mamasan said...

Don't. Diss. My. Idol. Reviews.

There's like, three years of archives you can go through, VuhJayJay! Just avoid this time last year and I think the year before that... because it's all about Idol.


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