Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lightning Looks

Today I heard Madam Zorra speaking on Red FM, and was fascinated by two things - one, her utter confidence in her astrological abilities (she invited people to send their birth date via sms and from there extrapolated their life's past and destiny in love) and two, her talk about the "lightning".

Oooo, I liked the talk about the lightning. She said that throughout our WHOLE life, we will feel this lightning, whether a teen or a seventy year old. It's the feeling you get when you see someone, your eyes lock, then *piauuoooow* - lightning strikes. I think she was not only talking about the feeling of having a lusty crush on someone - whether fleeting or long-lasting - but the look that comes to your eyes, the "look of lightning". She was quite frank about it, saying, it's not about love at first sight, it is purely about attraction and not really only based on a reaction to looks.

She then went on to say that the female producer of the show had the lightning look, and that the host, one you all should know as a voluble, amiable sort of guy, did not - and he did not because he was very controlled. It wasn't that I found interesting, but rather her ability to recognise who did and didn't display their lightning eyes.

Anyway, lightning looks are why we girls like to go watch our little chick flicks - morsels of junk LOADED with lightning feelings. The ultimate chick flick? BBC's Pride and Prejudice, followed closely by Bridget Jones' Diary, and if you are in the know, it's Colin Firth who starred in both, who ellicits those burning lightning eyes from the wenches. (Right, Maine and Bunny?). Especially P&P. It's like the longest, drawn-out hate-courtship and when she finally rounds the corner and comes across Darcy dripping wet... why woul you deprive yourself of such a moment??!

Feast your lightning eyes, ladies.

If you haven't, WATCH it. You'll thank me, you will.


shamaine said...

I agree!! Colin is the epitome of the "pppiioouuwww" look! it Colin or Darcy that we are more attracted to? hhhmmm

Anonymous said...

wah nice blog :) here

Auntie Dot said...

There's something about Collin Firth, far beyond "lightning". It's that "strong and silent" enigma you feel when such a character walks into the room. Either that , or it's just me, deprived of sex for too long and I can't get a hold of my hormones.

You will, unfortunately reach a certain age, where "lightning" doesn't really interest you that much anymore. When you seek longevity in a relationship, you need to look beyond attraction. I've dated cute guys half my puberty life. Trust me, sometimes you just wish for something that is missing in that sort of relationship, and realize, walla!! It's the personality that matters most. Good looks is a bonus.

I think "Mills and Boons" series are destructive pieces of literature. It embed this "tall, dark and handsome" image subconciously into our brain. We limit our choices then. There are many not so tall, too dark and debatable handsome men out there missing the chance of romance simply because women read Mills and Boons!!
But if lightning is what you're searching for, don't need an A in chemistry class to feel the laa laaa...Enjoy it while it lasts..


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