Thursday, March 20, 2008


What is going on with the most talented American Idol season ever? Why is almost everyone singing as if lifeless, making wrong song choices, getting ratty with Simon?

These were my actual notes as I watched last night's borefest:

Amanda Overmeyer
Back in the USSR
Looks better. Cool, funky. Great performance.
Jingle jangle mess of a song
took out melody where this song needs it.

Kristy Lee Cook
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Removed the jingle jangle which made this song sound hippieiesh. Now it droned. it was boring.

David Archuleta
The Long and Winding Road
ooooo. nice vocals.but, another slow song. simon clapped for david!!

Michael JOhns
A Day In the Life

Brooke White
HEre Comes the Sun
Thought it was a perfect choice.
Boring show. BAd performance.

David Cook
Day Tripper
Very nice... Though they went in too close on the camera for me. What is it? Lazy eyes? I Love Love Love his rendition of Day Tripper. Simon was right, nothing new, looking smug.

Carly Smithson
Really has the best female voice. someone dress her better!!

JAson Castro
So easy to go off on this one.
sounded very fresh, his voice. but seemed self-conscious. not trying hard enough.

her sweetest vocal performance so far.
seemed at her nicest. paula hit it - vulnerable

I've Just Seen a Face
not keen on the music but loved the sincerity in this performance. voice both soft and hard.

Ramiele Malaubay
Should HAve Known Better
Strong vocals. wrong song

The absolute best performance last night? Carly Smithson. David Archuleta also good, but I love Carly more than David.

What on earth gave Michael Johns the idea that A Day In The Life was a good song choice? Hubby boo said it was a self-indulgent choice, and I agree. It was like he was trying to recreate his Bohemian Rhapsody coup and just chose a song he thought he could chop up and fix just like that. Unfortunately Bohemian Rhapsody and A Day In The Life are very different songs. Of all the fantastic Beatles songs Michael Johns could have chosen for his fabulous voice, he chooses that one. He could have done a great "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" or even "I Am The Walrus". Either of those songs have attitude, soul or sex, which he could have exuded, no problem. A Day In The Life.... well, it's organised cacophony. It's intellectual jingle jangle.

I still think Kristy will be out next.


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