Friday, March 14, 2008


Goodbye David H!

If all goes well next week, Kristy Lee Cook will be the next to go. One week down, eleven to go.

Shall I be daring and obnoxious and list my desired order of elimination, based on exactly how I want it to go?

Week 2: Kristy Lee
Week 3: Amanda Overmeyer
Week 4: Syesha
Week 5: Chikezie
Week 6: Ramiele
Week 7: Jason Castro
Week 8: David Cook
Week 9: David Archuleta
Week 10: Brooke White
Week 11: Michael Johns Winner: Carly Smithson

It's unlikely Carly will win. If a girl wins, it will be Brooke. If a boy wins, it's between David A and Michael, though David Cook has a good chance, even though I wish it were not so!

Lovey, C


machfairy said...

mine's pretty much the same, except Carly will most definitely only make it to the top 5.

sad, isn't it? i miss vonzell :(

Sean E said...

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