Friday, March 21, 2008

DUI Nurse Drop-Kicked Off Idol!

Okay, so my prediction didn't come true. I really thought Kristy needed to go. However, looking on the bright side, Nurse Overmeyer leaving means I don't have to endure her for the extra week that I thought she would be around.

RealityTV thinks there is a link between the scandal and the elimination. Panini thinks it's because she swore on TV last night. I think it's because she's a stinker. Right, Simon?

But Carly in the bottom three. Oh no. America, you suck at voting. I know it, 'cause it takes one to know one. Still, Carly didn't make a bad song choice the way Michael Johns did. You got the Kristy Lee part right though, and of course, Amanda Overmeyer Dead Body. Sorry, I had to, and this was my last chance.

Next week, Kristy!!


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