Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oybays Did Adbay!

So, I came home tonight and, horror of horrors, my recording of aMERican idol failed!

But since I have an eager readership ready to hear my words of wisdom and prediction about Idol, I knew I just could not let the five of you down!

So I went to the official site and watched the performances there - so bear in mind I have not heard any of the judges' comments and am writing my opinions down cold. I take it the theme was the 70s or perhaps bigbig Band music.

Chikezie, phew! Did he give us a scare last week or what? He looked like the guy from the Love Boat welcoming families on board. Tonight he redeemed himself and showed us he has a personality behind that voice. Danny Noriega, hmm. I don't much admire his talent but he does have presence. I think he might end up being the Sanjaya of the season, someone with a not-so-spectacular voice but with loads of appeal. He might even make top 12 overall, but we'll have to wait and see.

My dislikes this week:
David Cook is someone whom I really liked during auditions but somehow he seems to be getting on my nerves. He has this lax expression which I find irritating, like his eyes never come out of half-closed, half-leering. Nope, he just doesn't do it for me, though he has a voice which I think people like very much.

Jason Yaeger sang a Doobie Brothers song and managed to turn his performance into an RTM dance routine, complete with that happily-surprised look people make when they do an interesting dance move while trying to look engaged with their audience. Sad really, because he had the vocals for it, but all those winks to camera... you could see he was resisting the urge to do a twirl.

Luke Menard. For some reason, people think he's hot. Luke, Orlando called, he would like his hair back. And like Orlando, Luke has no obvious talent apart from his looks. I must say I find his high voice more and more amusing and can't for the life of me think of a song that would suit his voice and at the same time make him seem less... eunuch-like. Wet, emasculated, foppy ugh. He shoulda gone last week. And he sang such a fantastic Queen song and managed to strip it of all sexiness or attitude, is that even possible?

Robert Carrico.
He might as well be a mailbox. Nothing interesting even with the good vocals. No interaction with camera and even his interaction with audience didn't seem to involve eye contact. He just pointed his crotch at them. Even if I were still posting letters and looking for a mailbox I would mistake him for blank space.

Jason Castro. The Bee Gees and Andy Gibb created and sang fantastic songs, and Jason chose one of my favourite Andy songs and what does he do? Turn it into school recital fodder. Even slightly androgynous Andy Gibb managed to imbue his performances with a little crotch-stretching strutting but poor Jason looked lost amongst the dreads and the tab chords he was trying to remember. Yeah, it looked like he had to think about the playing. If you can't sing and play, don't play. It's a singing competition, no brownie points for the extras.

David Hernandez. Not bad at all. He has one of those technically reliable voices that delivers. But there's something... dare I say it? He's scary to watch, the sincerity, the trying. It's not effortless even though if you close your eyes it sounds like it is. He's like Phil Stacey of last season. Voice of an angel, one could say, face like Casper. Kinda creepy, don't know why, wish it weren't so, but there you go.

My likes:
Absolutely positively David Archuleta. Love love LOVE him and his dimples and audible breathing. I so want him to win, but then he would be getting in the way of...

Miiiiichaaeeeel Joooooohhhhnnnnsss
He was bad this week, I think. But why does he suddenly seem so appealing? His little high notes were bang on, but intermediate notes going from his "bottom" voice to his "top" voice were a little shakey. Don't know what it is but he has charm and sex appeal, even under a ratty rust-coloured t-shirt can someone please shake the style dust over him?

So who is going next week? Please, please let it be Luke Menard and Robert Carrico. If not them then Jason Yaeger or David Cook. Seen 'em all before, bored, blah, bleh, off! Too much of nothing and not enough of anything.

I think though, that aMERica will probably vote off Jason Castro and Jason Yaeger. Let's see on Friday!!

Lovey, C

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l o u r e n z a r said...

Micheaallll JOooooohhhhnnnsss...!!! he is sooo hot.. but yeah, he was not tht good this week..darn!!! he blew me away when he sang Bohemian Rhapsody.. OMG, so hot!!! hahahaha..

and totally agree with ya choice, David A is soooooooooooooo breathtaking.. tht voice, ayooo so menusuk kalbu ok!!!

sekian, terima kasih


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