Monday, February 25, 2008

little reds

a flag can be all sorts of things to people.

as a young girl, i viewed flags as weird national statements.

the swiss white cross on a red background... square, dependable
the union jack... historic, pirate punks
the greek blue and white... sea, purity and church
the stars and stripes... victory, honour, union
the jalur gemilang... was i the only child that asked who ecided to copy the stars and stripes?

funny though, the stars and stripes should inspire those very ideals they stand for, but they seem to inspire sarcasm and ridicule instead. honour? hyuk hyuk.

been seeing loads of flags, of a different kind, in the gutter, hanging listless from above. these flags are about promises and hope, and i wish they really were more than just symbols of that. i must laugh though, because, like the red white and blue, they do elicit the wrong sort of response sometimes, don't they? sniggers and retorts...

on another note...
cried and laughed through the oscars. was absolutely charmed by marion coutillard's thank you speech and daniel day lewis' shy giggles as he thanked his wife and all the men in his lineage.

lovey, c

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