Friday, February 29, 2008

Irlsgay Coming Astlay...

Was it me or were most of the girls on idol today a little distracted, uncomfortable-looking and hesitant?

My fave performances for the night? Carly Smithson, Brooke White, Alexandrea Lushington. I love Carly. I thought her vocals were good, and though I thought the song boring, she did it well. Brooke White was lovely to watch. Of all the girls, she seemed most comfortable and was really enjoying the song. I liked Alexandrea's vocals, but she seemed so completely uneasy, I began to wonder if something had happened off camera or backstage prior to the show.

Overall, most of them avoided eye-contact with the camera (where the millions of voters live) and seemed to sing away from the judges. It looked like some of them were reading their lyrics off an unseen cue card, they kept looking to the side or to the floor.

Syesha and Brooke played to camera, though I find Syesha to be a little too smooth. Smug. She had a nice tone and I think it was a good song choice. Still don't like her much. Alexandrea seemed to be uncomfortable with her performance even though she had a lot of bravado about it. It's like she's not comfortable in her own skin. I get the feeling that she's always hidden her beauty and amazing body and height and is now not liking being noticed for that.

There's the trinity of blondes - Kady Molloy, Kristy Lee Cook and Alaina Whitaker. I can't differentiate between them though Kady, who sings opera impressively and does a mean impression of Britney, stands out personality-wise. Performance? Sigh. Can't remember any of theirs.

Ramiele and Asia'h were disappointing because I expected more, but hey.

One person that did stand out was the WWF monstrosity that Amanda Overmeyer became tonight. What was she wearing? She looked like she could crush the Rock between those thighs, or at least suffocate him with her sunburst elvira hairdo. She even had a metal sporran of some kind to accessorise her lady bits. Boring song and all round wrongness. If she makes it through to next week I hope she pulls it together because she is starting to look a little gimmicky.

My best? Carly and Brooke.

My picks for the goners? Amanda Overmeyer and Alaina Whitaker.

Till tomorrow!

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machfairy said...

woman, why on earth is there no wall on your FB page?

hahah! but you haven't heard my plan yet!

i'm having kids with Laura Linney..

then we'll have kids with Hugh Jackman..

then we'll get Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter to babysit.

excellent, no?

and PS, you were totally robbed of a nom at the Tonys...I mean Cammies.

laura, here i come!


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