Friday, February 22, 2008

Four Down

Who'd a thunk I would be right half the time?

Garrett Haley and Amy Davis unceremoniously dropped with little of the long drawn-out suspense-y irritating torture that Seacrest usually puts us through.

Let me pause a while before I move on to the next two. Do the kids dress themselves? I doubt it since this evening's show was obviously coordinated by someone in the costumes department. So who dropped the ball when it came to Garrett? Don't they know you can't, you SHOULDN'T squish a tiny fedora onto a big boofy head like his.

A touching moment was when Paula debuted her comeback single. She sure can dance.

And though he probably got paid a lot of money to do it, or is getting some kind of trickle-down residual earnings from doing it, I am sure Simon gritted his teeth under that thin-lipped smile of his as he posed for the final picture in her video.

I missed the second choice, and was really sad to see Joanna go. She has a great personality, is stunningly beautiful, and I do like her voice when she keeps it below screech. I did not expect her to make it to the top, but I didn't expect her to leave so soon. However, looking back on the girls' performances, I would have revised my second choice from Brooke to Kady, who as Simon said, was "night of the living dead".

Then Colton Berry left and Paula got upset with Simon for telling him to get a good job and enjoy singing rather than endure failing at a career in singing. But that's what I like and respect about Simon, he's not going to give you false hope. Anyway, I know Panini will be glad to not have to see so much blonde on one head again.

Can't wait till next week!


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