Friday, February 29, 2008

One more week to Idol proper...

Jason Yaeger. Sniff. See ya.

I suddenly realised who he reminds me of. A happy, cabaret version of Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise. How I wished that translated into studliness but unfortunately he ended up being JUST Tom Cruise - and not cute, Top Gun Tom Cruise, but post-Katie-and-Suri, kerraaaazy, punch-in-the-air, jump-on-the-couch Tom Cruise. 1-0 to Christina.


Oh, I didn't like her leaving at all. Really liked her and wished she went further. Did you see how the producers had her and Amanda Overmeyer stand together during the announcement? It's their way of saying, "You see America? You really f**ked up now. Alexandrea is going and look who we got left with. Sporran Elvira Girl. Again." Sad news. Good luck, A. One point for America. 1-1.

Alaina Whitaker.

Ooo. I was gonna say something mean and dismissive but she was so crushed by the knowledge that the voters didn't like her enough, that I don't have the heart anymore. Though, one more point for Christina. 2-1.

PS Was Seacrest being a total sweetie or what? And to think I once called him Poochest, Peebreath and/or Seacrust. Well, he was acting like an ass at the time. I am thinking that maybe the producers were talking in his ear and calling the shots on his reaction to poor Alaina's, now-I-think-about-it, pathetic breakdown.

OOOOOO. Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Mariah Carey and Snoop Dogg will be part of Idol in the season!

Robbie Carrico.

Yep. Nothing to say about him except that I wasn't rooting for the other guy Luke to stay either, so it was like we're just going through the motions. I'm just waiting for next week when Luke gets voted off with Jason Castro, Amanda Overmeyer and probably Kristy Lee Cook.

So that's 3-1 for Christina! I'm getting good at this guessing game.

Till next week!

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