Wednesday, April 4, 2007

different kinds of Jit and more

Saw a preview of Jit Murad's new show last night ("Full of Jit") and enjoyed myself tremendously. For the technical people out there, it was just over an hour and a half long and comprised of 5 sets, some very different from the others.

Though he's a funny guy, it's really his storytelling which enthralls me, and last night was extra nice because he took time out to tell the audience a little about himself as a little boy, and gosh, wasn't he exactly how you'd imagine he would be? Getting into all kinds of discovered and undiscovered trouble and still being loved. That was really my favourite piece of the show, though the rest of it displayed his usual insightful observations into the silliness of human being. He often makes incredibly astute and succinct comments about behaviours which are particularly peurile and particular to our culture. So, you can laugh at the dumbness of it all, or laugh because he's surprised you with a clever twist in how he's described it.

The preview audience consisted mainly of students, and I must admit my initial reservations about them were coloured with such descriptions as "immature", "unread", "undeserving" (so bad, I know, but I really wanted the audience to be able to understand what was going on onstage).

And I was totally wrong. These kids got literary, political and historical references, and were lively in their absorption of the material (they would quickly clarify to each other, or repeat the lines worth repeating, to each other in hushed tones). They were imaginative, responsive, and above all, willing to laugh at themselves. Perhaps they come from an amazing campus, faculty or have an amazing teacher (theirs was a hoot! She kept shaking and shivering in her seat with all the laughter. Once she raised her hands as if to get Jit to stop, stop, please!).

And some were genuinely interested in the process of performance or comedy, as we found out during the brief question answer session held after the show.

I would suggest you get yourself a ticket and go see it before it ends on 15 April. It runs every night from tonight except Monday, and tickets are RM68 and RM52 (half price students and seniors for every show and 25% for tuesday to thursday shows - pretty good value!). Call The Actors Studio@BSC on 2094 0400/1400 for bookings.

Enjoy the show!


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