Tuesday, April 10, 2007


One of the first things I blogged about when I started this site was our production of "Jeff's Place", which Panini was having trouble with producing during December of 2005. Well, today I get a call from my mum and in the middle of our conversation about kids, husbands, fathers, kitchen cabinets and the weather, she mentions catching Jeff's Place on Tv and enjoying it very much. I bemoaned the fact that nobody seems to have paid any attention to it and she quickly put me to right.

"Oh, no. Everyone here in KK is watching it. Them and their children too. And they all say they like it."

Well, I always thought Sabah was a little more ahead in the coolness factor! Also it helps when the proudest mother in the world becomes our best PR spokesperson. So everyone there is watching it, eh? I decided to check out today's episode, which was about exercising, and it occurred to me that it's a great show for kids who just want to find out more, want positive role models, or just want to see a little story about Jeff, his sister and best friend.

So, if you have kids in your family, they might be interested in watching (Tuesdays at 4.30pm). It was directed by Na'a de Coco (better known as the Kelantanese gangster in a headband who gets whipped with a pool stick by Carmen Soo in Baik Punya Cilok) and the concept was the brainchild of yours truly and Panini. The idea was to have an informational, educational programme but make it look like a sitcom, with episodic stories with cute actors, anything to keep kids interested in the programme so that they might pick up on the actual information, even if via osmosis!

Bumped into an old friend who asked me if I had written my book yet. For a tiny instant I had no idea what he was talking about. Then I remembered that I had declared I would write a book during a motivational course, and had totally forgotten about it... Yikes! It's so easy to lose sight of things that really can be important to you. Yes "writing a book" is such a fantasy to many, but it is highly possible with me, and yet I forgot my own little wish. Time for me to get going on it like it's real work (lovely, guiltfree work).

Lovey, C

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