Thursday, February 22, 2007

Not Today, Kittens!

If any of you read the erroneous press article (in a local Malay-language daily last week) stating that the movie Sumolah would be opening today at cinemas, please note that it is in fact erroneous!

We are not opening today, nor have we ever released any official statement of the opening date to any one. Of course, Afdlin Shauki may have stated that he hoped for a February or MArch release, but the final outcome still has to be decided by Wajib Tayang.

So stay tuned kitty cats!

Lovey, C


mafiaries said...

I read in the Utopia mag (I think 15 Mac issue) saying that Sumolah will be released on 27 March.
Is it true?
If so, then I can spread the words at YG.

mamasan said...

Alas mafiaries, this is not true. There will be no release for sumolah in March. As soon as we have a confirmed certification and date from Wajib Tayang, we will be broadcasting the information to the world!
Hang tight!


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