Friday, February 23, 2007

Where My Girls At

Prediction: Sabrina Sloan. Melinda Doolittle. Lakisha Jones.

These three will be the last girls to leave, if not the final threee - cos they are AWSSSOME! I especially love Melinda and Lakisha because they are no-nonsense and realise what an opportunity it is that lays before them. I hope they don't get passed over for being too sincere. Lakisha is one hot, legs-akimbo-while-singing mama!

Another lovely is Gina Glocksen, but I don't think there's room for her amongst the three above. Also she took Simon's comments a little badly tonight, so...

Dinch like so many of the girls though, who seemed to get lots of whoops from the audience, basically for looking good I think. I'm happy to say that Randy is being direct and honest. Paula's letting Crazy Abdul show through again, which I have a feeling is why they keep her on the show.

And sometimes I wonder whether Simon and Reekbreath have this thing going where they look like they're really having a go at each other, when actually they're taking the piss out of the contestant in question. Hmmmm. Intriguing. I shall have to keep watching the show not only out of obsessive mania but also out of professional and writerly curiosity.

Lovey, C

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edwin s said...

I love these girls too! BUT I don't want to get too excited.

Remember last year with Paris Gray? She was really the best one and who wins? Taylor Hicks.

At least we have Chris Daughtry and a bloody good pop-rock album.


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