Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Simon Says

Down to the final 24 and the guys sang their litte hearts out tonight. Before the show I had already picked my favourites, which alas, have changed! Such is the way of the fickle heart.

Before the show my faves were Sundance Head, Sanjaya Malakar and Chris Sligh. Sanjaya was absolutely my favourite, and even though he got ravaged by the judges, he still is my top guy. However, I think he is unlikely to make it to the final three, and if things don't chage by next week, he won't make the final 12. My opinion is that out of the 12 boys he was the only one who actually remained in pitch all the way through. He has an easy way with his vocals but obviously the soul ain't comig through! Sanjaya! Dude! You gotta feel it baby, as Randy would say. I would really like for Sanjaya to win, but I don't think he could survive what the audience expect of him.

Phil Stacey had a horrible beginning but ended up giving a lovely, full-throated performane. Honestly, I am so tired of people singing through tight windpipes and straining like rabid dogs to get a note out (as do Paul Kim, Brandon Rogers and Chris Richardson). I can't wait to see Lakisha, the "good old-fahioned belter" as Simon called her.

Others with open voices are Chris Sligh, Sundance Head and Phil Stacey. But tonight I dinch like Chris. He dinch take the Cowell comments well. Oso dinch like his song. Sundance.... sigh. What's happening to him? I don't think he's going to make it, but I do like his voice and personality.

So my bets for final three? Phil Stacey, Blake Lewis, Jared Cotter.

My fantasy final three? Nick Pedro, Sundance Head, Sanjaya for Idol. Yay, Sanjaya!

Who do I want off'd next week? Paul Kim and his silly bare feet (thank you Simon, for pointing out his ridiculous gimmicky dumdum idea), Rudy Cardenas and either JAred Cotter or Chris Richardson (because they pander to teen American tastes, sorry).

Remember Elliott Yamin whose Idolship was pillaged from him by Saccharine MacPhee and Taylor Who? Where is he now? I wanna see him performing again. Aparently J Lo will be singing at Idol once they get to the final 12.


Poochest was attacking Simon again tonight, but Simon held his own, though he did seem a little disconnected or something. You were right about everyone but Sanjaya Simon, but I think you didn't recognise a good technical performance int he midst of all the shite flying around. We forgive you!

Till tonight!


Anonymous said...

Where is Elliott Yamin? He is about to release his self titled debut album on March 20. It is already available on for preorder. The songs we have heard so far are amazing - this is going to be a great, great CD.

As for the new crop of guys - Blake, Chris Sligh and Phil Stacy hold some promise. Sanjaya will be chewed up and spit out by the judges within a couple of weeks I'm afraid. None of them yet hold a candle to last year's group.

Anonymous said...

I was really disappointed with last night's show. It is unbelievable that hundreds of thousands of people auditioned and this was the best they could find - what's up with that?! Blake and Chris S. are the only performances that I enjoyed. Last season's talent was FAR superior.
Elliott Yamin is still out there and making amazing music! Check out his myspace page to hear "Movin' On" and see what he's been up to lately.


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