Wednesday, January 10, 2007


...over a movie, Cinta. And of course I decided to put mascara on today. They should hand out tissues at the ticket counter.

The best thing about the movie was its actors, and that is a credit to its director, Kabir Bhatia, who was obviously very caring of them. By the way, Kabir directed Afdlin in all the seasons of Bila Larut Malam, for which Afdlin won Best Presenter at the ATV awards in 1999. A great person to work with and a friend. His wife Mira wrote the script for Cinta.

Anyway, my absolute favourite has to be Dato' Rahim Razalli, whose delivery was both understated and brimming with effusive love for his character. I was also pleasurably impressed with Fasha Sandha, whom I had only ever seen in Cicakman, and had found her performance in that to be too over the top. However in Cinta, she too gave an understated performance which really allowed somethin else to come through - her natural acting talent.

My only quibble about the film was that sometimes a character here and there would wheel out a line that sounded a little too patronising and lecture-ish. That could have been due to the delivery by the actors.

My only other quibble was the fact that we were sharing the cinema with a couple of ladies trying to have a conference meeting at the same time. They kept answering calls and didn't even try to keep their voices down. Then they would parrot the dialogue in the movie, just to make sure the rest of us would understand it, I suppose.

Movie Character: "I've found someone else"
Parrot Lady 1: "She found someone else"

Then PL1 would add her own opinion on it, just in case we couldn't formulate our own.

PL1: "But he's so handsome"
PL2: "But she's even more beautiful." (a clarifying point, in case the rest of us dumbsters couldn't make the next distinction)

Movie Character: "Where is Chong? My watch is broken."
PL1: "His watch is broken. I wonder who Chong is."
PL2: "Chong is the one who fixes his watch."
PL1: "Oh, yeah, right?"


PL1: "Hold on. Hello? Aaah. Haaah. Taaak. Aaah. Tapi I dah kata kita ada deadline ni. E-ye. Yelah. Hari ni juga. Cuba tengok file I. Kat dalam ofis, kat filing cabinet. Yang kedua. Kejap, kejap! Oh, Chong left already. That is the new owner."
PL2: "Tell them to double check the files in my office. Now it's a place to eat. The new one is called Rubiah."

Finally one of them leaves to have a confidential phone meeting outside in the foyer. When the phone of the PL left inside rings, I turn round and sush her. I know, something most malaysian cinema-goers dare not do. I swear I was ready to walk over and say in a very loud voice that I paid to watch a movie and not listen to her voice.


Amazingly, she hangs up her phone. Even more amazingly, when her friend comes back in, she stays quiet but allows her friend to keep yabbering on, even during the bits where people were sacrificing themselves for love, being torn to pieces by the ones who have hurt them, and a major life and death scene.


Exhausted by bad manners,


Anonymous said...

i think mascara causes! there are times when i am not wearing mascara that i want to cry, even need to cry, but can't cry to save my life. but i can be wearing mascara & cry even when i don't necessarily want to. and of course i always end up looking like a zebra from the mascara stripes running down my face.

i haven't seen Cinta, but i have seen plenty of movies that have made me cry. i love those kind of movies.


Unknown said...

me watched 3 times, with 4 people...still tugged at the heart, some of the scenes...

pasal audiences tu...malas nak cerita...feels like everytime i'm going for a movie, i'd bring a bag of water bombs....biar henpon tu basah kena bom...nak bawak paint gun takut kena confiscate lak...

Anonymous said...

I share your sentiments on people yakking away in the cinema. Its a major pet peeve of mine which sometimes ends up in me walking out of the cinema. I am one of the few who will do the hushing and staring. Sometimes they stop, sometimes they don't and worse, sometimes they stare back. But sometimes the yakkers are kids who will never stop. I remember watching a Harry Potter flick and this 5 year old kid was narrating what was going to happen next...just because he read the damn book. Needless to say, I have not gone to the cinema for more than 6 months now.

Anonymous said...

ahah! tell me about it. i watched it twice with 2 different groups. with the 1st group, there were a group of PARROTS (if that's how you called it) sat infront of me. annoyingly they imitated the lines + the phone calls (of course). i kicked their seats and i believe i said things like this.."klu nak berlakon bukan kat sini.. klu nak berckp, KELUAR !" ... then at the 2nd show, there was 1 family sat behind us. foolishly they let their kids played in the cinema with uncontrollable voice and kicked our seat, while they both glued to the movie. i pity my preggie friend as the kids keep on kicking her seat till end of the show, despite the 'conversation changed' by her hubby to the parents.

this is really typical movie goers... phone calls + the PARROTS + the kickers....

mamasan said...

I think if more audience members got up, went outside ad complained to the ushers and requested that the ushers come in and deal with them, the more the cinema management will realise that they have to take care of their paying customers. Then their ushers will be given more duties than ticket collectin and opening the doors and letting in the light when the movie hasn't finished yet!



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