Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Year of the Piggy! Oink! Oink! Oink!

A time to wallow in the mud or to bask in the glorious sunshine enveloped by the dewy warmth of the earth? After the schizoid year that was 2006, the choice for me is easy.

My goals this year: start my own film script (donno what about) and complete a first draft by June (loads of time, heh); be at one with the idea that 6.30am is a good time to wake up; always, always write down my tasks and deadlines in my speccy but under-used Palm T/X (a present to myself for being organised, after the receipt of which I promptly lost my orga skills); and last but not least, exercise at least twice a week (a lame goal but oh, so difficult for me to verbalise).

I am well on my way to achieving goals two and three, though in the case of the latter, my tasks and appointments are currently few. I was supposed to join the gym upstairs from the office (Malaysia's Mr Asia Terry Gallyot, the owner, has been begging us for years, his chest muscles virtually cramping each time we refuse) last week but alas, life and selective memory got the better of me.

Actually, one more important goal that I hesitate to voice is the termination of my smoking habit. It is bad. But I am still more or less infatuated by it (is that the nicotine talking or am I still harbouring a great now-conscious desire to look movie-cool?) A friend of mine tried hypnosis and apparently it worked like a dream. Though he is now a few pounds heavier. I'm considering a double-whammy session : make me stop smoking and make me not want to eat more, Mr Mesmer.

Now with my newly-regained freedom during school hours, I can catch up on movies at the theatre and actually do the writing that I've begged off for the better part of 6 months (hang on, wasn't school hols only for 2 months? that's not the point). With help arriving at the end of Jan, I shall be free to do more at night (woohoo!) a actually be the better half of my better half again on nights out!

And it's time I learnt something new, so I am considering learning how to use the editing facility we have. It's the technical aspect that daunts, but then I've always been handy with instruction manuals. Then I can continue "writing" throught the post production too! Talk about feeling the need for control, or at least, allowing my ego to spill all over a programme.

For everyone out there, I hope Pig Year isn't too much of a bore, haha. Good luck!


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