Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Syed Ahmad

Better known as Pacai, our resident Music Maestro. Pacai started out with Ekamatra (yes, the drainpipes with socks down the front) and went beyond with the likes of Sheila Majid, Zainal Abidin and Jason Lo. And of course, Afdlin Shauki.

I first got to know him at an Afdlin Shauki gig at Modesto's KL (remember, behind the Concorde?), when I was still a music gig crusher, and was instantly inspired by his performance style as a bass player. I love bass players. They are always cool. So was he, with shaggy hair and happy pants. I mean, I was watching Afdlin, but like I said, bass players are cool. Hey, the bass is the coolest part of the music, especially the kind they were playing (acid jazz, RnB).

Anyway, Pacai has been at work with Afdlin for most of the music that you hear in Afdlin's films, notably Buli, Buli Balik and Baik Punya Cilok (the winner title song), and he will be working on our next movies as well.

You may also know him as the creator of the wonderful song featured in Cinta, Sewaktu Dulu.

His website, has won two awards for design, and it is well worth visiting it. There is a fantastic interactive music page that will knock your socks off. That, plus the amazing graphics and of course, the selection of great music samples you can listen to and buy.

A little known fact, his music is featured in the National Geographic "Save The Planet" campaign promos!

What a talented and skinny bugger - we all love him.


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