Friday, November 3, 2006

For All The Haters Out There

Yes, I had two complaints.

Pink aparently ISN'T the new camel, and I must admit, the residual visual vibration after reading my blog does tend to disorient one.

So for the pink-haters out there, just remember, it ain't pink that's the problem, okay? Nothing wrong with pink. Let's keep pinkism to the minimum and instead concentrate on all the beautiful things pink has to offer.

Like, rosy feelings, blushing thoughts, warm tender acts of kindness.

So, am going for gold with the blue. Better, no?

Sorry, pink.



Anonymous said...

oh no. did someone write u hate mail? =P

this does feel calming tho. where's the gold?

Unknown said...

hrm...better i don;t need to copy your post onto Notepad anymore...want help with the design?am glad to help...

mamasan said...

The gold is in the result! As for design, am keeping it nice and simple for now. When it comes to graphics, my creativity sometimes comes out looking rather, uhm, cultured (as in lab culture)...


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