Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Steele Rocking After all Of These Years

Ah. Remington Steele. Pierce Brosnan - whatever. Both are divine incarnations of maledom.

After just a few episodes revisiting Remington Steele Season One I realise how young I was when I first started watching Remington on TV. First of all, I never really picked up on the fact that the character of Remington was a charade - I only realised that after watching the first episode a night ago. Second of all, I thought Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist) was the cool one. I mean, I never really thought of Remington Steele as the cool one. However I was not too young to realise that Pierce Brosnan was a good-looking bugger. I think even my mum pointed that out to us kids as we prostrated ourselves before his Royal Bouffantness every week.

And now, what with fashion coming round full circle and all, I realise Stephanie Zimbalist was one smart looking woman, sporting fedoras with utter eclan, and not looking like a fashion victim either. I love her character Laura Holt, she's sassy, sexy yet girl-next-door and Holt and Steele flirt like crazy without it being too hammy like it can be on tv nowadays. Good, good stuff.

Pierce, though, does look a little dated with his slightly helmet-y hair and ultra-slimline-cut suits. A bit Sparkman Shop if you ask me. But still cool and a real gentleman. As an actor he has great comic timing (along with Zimbalist), but we've heard all that before.

The thing that really struck me in terms of the production itself is the pacing - how it sems so much slower, and the story less complicated than your average detective/CSi-type series from today. It did take a bit of getting used to, but I am enjoying it now. If I were skinny I'd be walking around in tweed skirt suits with high-collared purple ruffled shirts and a fedora right now. Zimbalist rools!

So with nothing but TV to talk about I think you can tell that I am just counting the days till school is over. The kiddies will be visiting their grandparents for a while and I will get some time to meet with friends and sleep whenever I want to and go out without having to wonder if I got enough bottles or if I forgot to pick up a kid from school. I sometimes wish for things to be the way they used to be, then I think, would I really want to be single again? Or a student again? Or (gasp) married without children, and me and hubby boo having to do things together all the time (errk! Imagine the torture of trying to get hubby boo to chat about hairdos and fashion, or him trying to get me interested in the machinations of his latest gadget).

No, I don't think I really want to change anything about my life, except a) to have more time and b) to have more time by myself. Maybe I just want to be stinking, filthy rich and never ever miss America's Next Top Model every monday night. I know, I'm shallow. And greedy too. I tried to stop Baby One from eating too much chocolate so that I would have some for a snack later tonight.

I am baaaad.



Anonymous said...

Mmmmm Pierce. Hes aged well, hasnt he? But oh good goddess those blue eyes, and that incredible profile. And Lara Holt is such a cool character for that time and place - a quasi feminist in Amerikan tvland! If I didnt have such poufy hair, Id try and wear a fedora! I actually love the pacing, and the intelligence of the dialogue, and the willingness to assume the intelligence of the audience. They dont make telly like they used to!

mamasan said...

I know, I know! Check out Pierce's website (yes, I trawled the internet for anything on pierce), it has lots of fab pictures. Also you get to see his art and the activism he's into.


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