Sunday, May 28, 2006

Three movies for the price of... three.

Saw an eagerly awaited movie, the Da Vinci Code, after having read the book and its predecessor The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail. The latter I read while in high school and inspired me so much I started reading about Joseph of Aramithea, Arthurian history and as much research as I could find in a high school library. I was totally fascinated by the theory put forth, never thinking once that it was a conspiracy theory, but rather an attempt to understand Jesus and the nature of mankind.

I didn't know it at the time, but I was a great believer in the Gnostic sense of religion - that we can know God through being our best in the spiritual sense. Feeling love for another means living the Godly notion of love. I liked that because it meant that I wasn't in the dark about who or what my religion was, and I didn't have to go through a third party to get to my God, I could experience "him" myself. I was raised Greek Orthodox, in spiritual home with light hearted sensibilities. My mother always told me there is no point going to church after an argument. The point of church was to worship and feel close to God. No one feels close to God after a heated argument. So the notion of the church as a holy cleanser of souls was one that felt alien to me.

I guess I have a very pragmatic approach to religion and would rather believe in the power of human nature than the human notion of God. In other words, I believe in the acts of good that I see more than the words of so called wise people. And that's why some ads can make me cry and listening to any kind of preacher can leave me indifferent.

SO, after watching and feeling very satisfied with the Da Vinci Code, I took the kiddies to see Over The Hedge, and was pleasantly surprised by its intelligence and how it portrayed a modern day disease (waste and consumerism) in a very funny and provocative way. Go see it, and bask in the humour and great performances from Bruce Willis, Garry Shandling and William Shatner,

Then, we saw X-Men, and though the movie was fantastic, I must say I was impressed with Hugh Jackman and his amazing (ahem) acting skills - he acts strong muscles very well, and from every angle, I could tell he was acting with every pore in his body. Would I see it again? Oh YES!

I wish I could talk more about his performance, but there's not much else to say except.... PHWOAR!

Sorry, hubby boo, but I do let you salivate over that skinny Jessica Alba, so don't hold it against me!

Lovey, C

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mamasan said...

mrs fish, we are talking about wolverine, i don't want to hear about other sexy shicks who can walk around without having to hold in their stomachs and don't need bras!


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