Monday, June 5, 2006

last tour of duty (for now)

Yesterday night marked the end of the Actorlympics run, which was a whole lot of fun as usual, and a great way to cap off a busy two months.

Today I start work with a tired body that feels like it's been thrown against the wall. Lack of sleep and constant mental activity means that rest doesn't come easy at the moment. I'm even suffering the dreaded leg-shake syndrome. The more it shakes, the more I'm thinking lots about not much in particular.

I used to rely on my memory, which was pretty good once upon a time. I also used to be organised, had lots of energy and understood what prioritising was all about. Now, with two kids and a grown baby dada to run after and a company about to take the next step to another level, I am really feeling the stress. Now I understand how difficult it is to not be pursuing your passion in your work. Imagine having to slog away at something for years without ever having any love or even interest in it! Even though being a business owner can be dull and tedious and needs coping with annoying details, at least in our business I get to write and act.

It's just that recently, although I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of making Los Dan Faun (and I think it's going to be a new benchmark for Malaysian movies!), I haven't had much time to either rest properly (mentally) or to be taking care of my dreams (song title in the making)

In any case, I shall be taking a sabbatical from work on Sumo, a break I am looking forward to, to spend more time with my neglected children and be taking care of their needs for a while. So, though I shall be missing from work, I shall be retaining my internet presence.

I shall take the opportunity to write, once the new pace sets in. There's writing to be done for the company, and of course, my own writing. Maybe I'll have a movie script by the end of the year. Hmmm, I wonder if I could get in touch with any local genius directors...

Meanwhile, keep a look out for updates on Los Dan Faun. Even though the shooting has finished, there is still the post production - maybe we'll give you glimpses of the film as it gets pieced together. Then after the final cut we will have all the actors back again for their dubbing, probably sometime in September. Also keep a look out for the site which will be up and running around the time we start shoot on that.

Lovey, C


ontahsapo said...

i dgn my wife enjoy sangat actorlympics last saturday... bila ada lagi...?

Anonymous said...

Next actorlympics will be in September..

chris, am here to help.. :D we shall work as a team.. like last nite 'HOLD-THE-DOOR' kinda team work thingy..! hip hip hooray!!!!

but YOU SERIOUSLY NEED A REST.. mentally and physically.. :D no more answering ur phone call with ur watch.. ;)

mamasan said...

haha! thank you for sage advice, anne!

ontahsapo said...

"answering ur phone call with ur watch" dah teruk ni....


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