Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Seezer Rools!!!

I went to see The Actors Studio production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar last Friday night and it rawked!!

If you want to see some great dramatic acting, lots of spectacle, and amazing production design (the sound is to die for) - then go check it out asap because the last day is this coming sunday!!

Tickets are RM60 and RM40 which is very reasonable. Go to the toilet before the show because there is no intermission (90minutes long)

And check out my review on kakiseni.com - hopefully it will be published Tuesday 6th

Lovey, c


Cipkodok said...

Always love ....


Cipkodok said...

I am so glad to see you blogging, brings tears to my eyes. What a wealth of knowledge and insights. It would be a crime to keep it all to yourself.


Edwin Sumun said...

aahhh... i see I'm not the only reader of yours anymore. and your husband is right, you is a fab writer and more peeps should be reading.


mamasan said...

thank you both...

lovey, c


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