Friday, December 23, 2005

the meaning behind the name and cinema! cinema! cinema!

Why goldenoro?

Well, because my first and last name can mean gold in different languages, not going by the way they are spelt, though, but how they sound.

I was considering goldgold but thought it didn't quite roll off the tongue like goldenoro did.

Today there was a bomb scare at the shopping centre we were all wandering around in. We stayed away from the shop the bomb was supposedly in, but I got a little wired and decided to get teh car out of the parking lot and wait for hubby boo outside on the road. Hey, it's Christmas, and there are some out there who think they have a point to prove. Then I thought, what about all the other malls with heavier traffic? But nothing happened and we all got home safe.

My eldest is down with the flu. Her little heart-shaped face is flushed and her eyes are oily red. My youngest is trying hard to imitate being sick so that she can get some TLC too - but she is way too active (and melodramatic) to feign anykind of sickness.

Now they're both sleeping well and it occurred to me that a Best of Seven movie list would be fun to do too.

My Best of Seven Movie List:

Cinema Paradiso
Because it makes me cry, and because I'm too old to care if I do. Because I can, dammit! Catch the teenage Toto in other indie goodies such as Like Water For Chocolate and Once Upon A Time In Mexico. He's a native-born Australian by the way.

From a batch of fantastic comedy action flicks that came out of the 80s - Man With THe One Red Shoe, Beverly Hills Cop, F/X, etc. This one, with Chevy Chase delivering the dry and banal Fletch with such finesse and wit, was in my view the best.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Beats the other two for simply being the orgasmic ending to prolonged and feverish anticipation of the cinematic release of the first of three... And for the nine of the fellowship who brought us all the dream.

For being a film that opened my eyes to the potential of Malay cinema and storytelling. For all the layers of meaning and the depth of perception of the Malaysian psyche. Afdlin Shauki is a master storyteller trying to shift the poverty of mainstream Malay cinema and the dire perception of the producers, of what makes a good story and what the audience wants...

For sentiment, spirit and love that shines from the screen, and for the bravery of presenting a tiny story with such largesse of spirit.

For Jean Reno, Christophe Lambert, Jean-Hugues Anglade and Luc Besson. Also for the wonderful soundtrack by Eric Serra, who features as a down and out bass player in the film. This movie gives you such a sense of space and place, and is mostly set in the underground Paris metro. Actually, I first saw the English-dubbed version and although the voices have dubious accents and intonation, the dialogue seems funnier in english than the original french! Look out for a heart-stopping action sequence when Lambert runs from the cops to the sound of a rocking soundtrack. It's the Highlander in a trenchcoat - swoon!

Hercules Returns
An Australian flick by two comedians who used to tour cinemas and do live dubbing over b-grade movies, totally changing the story line and ripping the movie apart with scandalous flippancy and total delight! Although Herc Rets does suffer a little for the bracketing story they put around the actual fun part (the old italian b-grade story of hercules and samson), the rest of it is side-splittingly funny and features Ozzie actors who have gone on to better things.

Hmmm.. no Scorsese or Eastwood, but these are my favourite movies and the heavyweight serious ones don't really count right now.

Having fun...



dJ phuturecybersonique said...

Thought i'd share mine:

1. Good Will Hunting - good storyline & script by Damon & Affleck, Robin Williams in one of his best performances, and that "It's not your fault" scene.
2. Trainspotting - does a better job in portraying "drugs are bad" instead of them cheesy drug campaigns.
3. Love Actually - for the multi-threaded storytelling.
4. The Matrix - for its philosophical theme and John Gaeta's groundbreaking special effects. Can't say the same about its sequels.
5. Dumb And Dumber - just because it manages to put back the smile on my face no matter how bad a day in my life can be! That "Interesting accent you have. Where you from? New Jersey?", "No, Austria", "Ohh Austria! Well then, g'day mate! Let's put another shrimp on the barbie!" in the intro is enough to crack me up already.


mamasan said...

Ooo, I think Dumb and Dumber is one of the greatest satires of human stupidity! And I definitely like that scene too, because he talks so strine even tho he's a real daaag.

And its one of those scenes you can imagine over and over again and still find funny...


pye:rudz said...

Hey Geng!

1. Hot Chick (Rob Schneider) was a good movie too. Check out the play. The main character's conflict was superbly played.

2. School of Rock (Jack Black) is one of my all-time favourite. It depicts that a love for something (in this case, rock music) can make a person do anything for it.

3. The Incredibles - Good family movie and value added in humourous presentation.

4. Patch Adams (Robin Williams) - I tell you this movie is a really good one. If you've watched it then you'll understand what i'm sayin.

5. The Replacement (Keanu Reeves) - love this one as well. Really good play. Lots of values can be learned.

Just sharing my views...


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