Friday, December 23, 2005

lists are good

I've been reading some interesting blogs and have decided that my initial disdain for lists of likes and dislikes was unfounded and snobbish. I suppose I decided that after I thought it would be fun to tell everyone my top 7 music moments:

My Top Seven Music Moments:
Or music that makes life stand still for a little while - in no particular order.

Friday I'm In Love - The Cure
The waterfall opening riff and Robert Smith's uncharacteristic whoop of joy at the start, the playful video and total abandonment of restraint make this a recurring music moment for me. Every time it plays I want to twirl and look upwards into a film camera twirling the other way while snowflakes fall...

Wonderwall - Oasis
Why? Not because of Oasis but because I was dead tired sitting on the floor on a dirty ferry in the middle of the night going from Italy to Greece and out of the hum of sleeplessness and fluorescent lights came this lonesome, plaintive voice, backed by an old guitar. Some tourist was playing to relieve the boredom and for a moment I was in love with being alone and unwashed and going nowhere, and having some stranger strike a chord.

Sweet Harmony - The Beloved
Bordering on Eurotrash. But I first heard it in a Greek nightclub and when the sophisticated drum loop started, a whole world of partying with beloved strangers opened up to me and I realised that with music, we are one... Actually, it's just the Europop sound which really works on this track.

Cornfield scene opera piece sung by dame Kiri Te Kanawa in "Room With A View"
If you're looking for that divine romantic movie, this is the one, and it is in this scene that one of the movie's passionate screen kisses takes place. Dame Kiri's voice soars and brings your heart up with it.

Toto's Theme - Cinema Paradiso
It's a good thing it takes me a while to recall this tune, because when I do remember it, be it in the car or in a meeting, I start crying.

When We Dance - Sting
And the whole album (I can't remember which). I studied for my TEE finals in Perth listening to this whole album, and sometimes I would look up from my chemistry notes and see the big picture about life. A song about not knowing and missing an unjustly lost one.

The whole Lord of the Rings soundtrack.
Because spending three years living and loving the characters of the trilogy demands a soundtrack. If a soundtrack was cinematic, this particular one would exemplify.

It's so mystifying the effect music has on one's senses. Memories of smells and physical feelings come up, depression ebbs, the senses calm. It's such a sophisticated thing, for animals like us to create and enjoy, such a language, so beautiful (yadda yadda yadda).

I know the above are limited. Why seven? It's more than 5 and less than 9 and also odd. I don't only like those kinds of music. I'm rather fond of acid jazz and love good and progressive pop. Anything with a great backbeat from the top 40 is fun too.

Best Christmas Carol Past: Nat King Cole singin' "Chestnut roasting on an open fire..."
Best Kiddie Christmas Carol: "Donde Esta Santa Claus?"
BEst Christmas Carol Present : Mariah Carey with the fabulous "All I want for Christmas Is You"

Lovey, C

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ladynina said...

Speaking of which mamasan, of all the soundtracks, I lurve the Hobbit song the most. It being played a load in the trilogies but for me the most heart-warming scene is at the final part of ROTK, between Sam & Frodo just before Aragorn being crowned as King. *sob..sob..*


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