Thursday, December 29, 2005

the fever dies down... and a new flu rises

Aaaahhh... the delights of a present-stuffed evening and lamb-stuffed tummies... Christmas eve was all that we cracked it up to be and more, with Panini, Shimau and LokoMoko celebrating in our airconditioned and TV-less home (we have neglected to pay our dues for astro). So, with Mariah Carey and Black Eyed Peas pumping through the house, we tore open our presents with delight and muah-muahed and thanked each other before sitting back and gazing lovingly into the middle distance, hand on tummy.

With the excitement of Christmas over and my eldest's fever dying down, we returned to normal life again for oh, just a moment. Then her tummy started aching and her chest it started wheezing - so back to the doctor we were for a blood test and urine sample. I've never seen her so proud to part with a bodily fluid dutifully aimed at a plastic cup.

She had a bacterial infection which the doctor gave her antibiotics for - mama's dreaded prescription.

"She always vomits it up. It's a reflex action. Can't you just give her a shot?"

Doctor looks at me, probably thinking, is this what a desperate mother looks and sounds like?

"We could but she would have to stay in for observation, in case there is a reaction."

I must have looked so disappointed. I was about to ask if he could just give her the shot and dispense with the formalities. Any reactions I will be responsible for. But he turned to her and uttered sternly, "Girl, you must finish all your medicine."

Thanks a lot, I thought. So I picked up the prescription and dismissively tossed it into my bag, thinking, another one for the kitchen cupboard.

We got home. She fought and retched and did everything but put the strawberry concoction to her lips. Then her father loomed over her and told her in no uncertain terms that she would be taking her medicine no matter what. After a rather long bout of wailing and (mother's) hair-pulling, she finally took the dose.

Then she suddenly puckered up her lips and squeezed her cheeks together using both hands.

"What are you doing?"

"This is how to stop vomiting, Mama."

Turns out she saw something on CSI and this was her version of making it work. So since then we have finished the whole course of antibiotics and she no longer has problems swallowing medicine.

I have always believed in the power and goodness of television!

Another flu that has arisen is the Actorlympics! run which is practically sold out! I have a feeling it is because of two reasons:

Stunning postcards

Baik Punya Cilok, which has reached fever pitch and grossed over a million ringgit in less than a week - and stars four of our regular Actorlympians.

So, if we don't see you there, then you've missed out big time! Last night was a lot of fun with lots of new people. We can tell because the anticipation in the air is different. And the laughter is a lot more spontaneous. Plus we had some great "volunteers" from the audience who got up to do some improv for us.

There may still be some tickets left, so check with the box office. If not, catch it next time in February 2006.

And now the lead up to New YEars....

Lovey, C


ladynina said...

We'll be going on 31st.. see you all there ya? :-)

l o u r e n z a r said...

television rawks.. and so does CSI..!! heehee.. double kisses for your numbre uno & dos lil sheilas ya.. and two thumbs up to the numbre uno for swallowing her meds..

Hope to see ya later in TAS.. need to pass you something from the land down under yah.. weeweehoohoo..!!!



l o u r e n z a r said...

and there i was, Groovy Ann, under your links.. ahhhhhhhh.. am a happy bunny!! muchas gracias mamasan.. am flattered..

mamasan said...

Aiya! I missed you at the show, but just before it started I thought about you and whether you had returned from straiya or not!

Anyway, hope to see nina and the gang on 31st but that depends on mama's stamina after a day with the morgul monsters....

lovey, c


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