Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Dukes and the Dregs

So have just finished watching a-MER-ican Idol and I have chosen my Top Two males:

David Archuleta

Michael Johns


And my Soon-To-Be-Voted-Off Males:

Garrett Haley

Luke Menard

So what was up with Paula this evening? And Simon? I know, I know. They've done this for seven years and Simon has f**cking had it with hack jobs, karaoke nighters and cheesy Love Boat lounge singers who waste their time and the audience's time - and I couldn't agree more. David and Michael's performances were honest and you instantly felt them, man! Also Jason Castro, whose song, though a teensy bit cutesy for me, was sincere and a good performance. So when we get half-assed performances, well, those guys get sucker-punched into oblivion. Bye Garrett and Luke!

As for Paula, jeez, woman, drink that Coke! When Randy Jackson becomes more articulate than you, even with language choked with dawgisms and "man" and "yo", then there's something a little off. Although people have often wondered if drugs are affecting her, I do not believe this is the case. For I myself have been close to incoherent for sustained periods of time, and it usually happens when I've spent too much time with the kids. I reckon she's exhausted from Hollywood week and should have had a longer lie down prior to the show.

When you're the nice guy on the show, and your modus operandi in life is to spread the love, sprinkle rainbow dust and have people feel warm and fuzzy no matter what, it must really up the blood pressure having to do that constantly for the seventh year in a row and to people who should be wowing your pants off by now. I'm surprised she isn't yet comatose and I golf-clap her for trying to keep it sweet.

Can't wait to see the girls!

Lovey, C


pye:rudz said...

i just hate it when the trio act like last night. but at some point i do agree with simon's comment. but whaddaheck? this is a-mer-ican idle kan?

mamasan said...

i know! as long as it's entertaining i suppose!

zona marie said...

ooooh, i love your picks! i'm with you on that with the guys! *^_^* go aussie go!!! hehehehe...

the girls tonite all felt so strange... none of their performances gave that 'goosebump' good feeling.

i'm for the rock'n'roll nurse Amanda Overmyer, Syesha Mercado & Carly. ^_~

gawd, i'm so glad Fox is showing Idol direct from satellite this year! i missed last year's!! =/

shamaine said...

i thought the guys did a better job...i dunno..girls a bit boring la

i love archuleta,aussie dude,dreadies and noriega

chicks i love dead dad,pinoy chick,carrie look a like,rocker nurse,irish goth chick,britney impersonator...

shamaine said...

okay...maybe i love the girls a little more...

the boys are really pretty this yr tho...

mamasan said...

the nurse... i'm a bit over her joplin schtick already :( I do hope she does something else soon - though i really like her character.

With the guys it's easy to make a choice, don't you think? with the girls it's a little harder. some you like for who they are and some you don't like that much but there's no doubt they have the golden ticket


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