Friday, February 22, 2008

The Girls Ain't Going

Caught part of American Idol tonight and though I thought they would all blow the boys out of the water, it turned out that they pretty much only equalled them!

I missed Joanne Borgella's performance, but from what I saw in the end summary thingy, it looked like although her vocals were strong, the performance was not really there. I was expecting her to belt out some explosive firecracker performance, but she looked nervous and constrained. However she is still safely in the top five girls for me, so we should be seeing her next week.

I caught Alexandrea Lushington's surprising performance and hubby boo and I watched her transform instantly from dole-queue dolly to scary sexy spice. I really liked her performance even though Simon didn't (Simon, why do we sometimes not see eye to eye?). Though after seeing more performers singing, I did understand, with hindsight, what he was talking about. Still, I think she outdid herself, even if eventually she didn't compare so well with the others that came after her.

One of my favourite characters, Asia'h did really well and was liked by all the judges. However I think I'm more interested in her personal journey than her vocals...

I love Ramiele's voice, but I can't really remember her performance well, which says something, doesn't it?

Syesha was on second last and she really, really did deliver. I think she's doing fantastically well, but I don't really like her onscreen persona that much. She's too aware of the cameras and I think that could be a throw back to habits she developed as an actress. She seems like a poser and I can't get into that, but I do admire her vocals and I think she'll go far, if not possibly win.

However, Irish girl Carly will be my favourite Season 7 girl, like, forever. I love her vocals, I love her character and I loved her performance. Simon disagreed vehemently with me, but I guess all the best relationships have give and take, don't they Simon?

If I had any criticism for her, it would be the dress she let the Hair and Makeup people put on her. Girl, stamp your foot and scream like a hyena if they don't give you the same kinda loving they gave Alexandrea!!

So have I decided on my Two Top Chickies? I have but it's not as clear cut for me as the boys were. David and Michael are both nice, great performers and have strong vocals. Plus they gave excellent performances on their night.

However, my Top Two Chickies might not have as good a chance as David and Michael do of actually making it far. Carly and Syesha are my Top Two:

Carly because I love her the most, and Syesha because I think she will get the votes unless she becomes too annoying to watch.

And who is going home? Well I missed the first few girls' performances, but even though I did see the end bit, I will choose out of the girls' performances that I saw:

Ooo. She was bad. However, Americans have voted stinkers in before. Ha ha.

And Brooke, though I like her very much, really didn't do it for me.

Till tomorrow then!!


PS I do not own any of the pictures I have used for all my Idol posts.


shamaine said...

i don't like syesha..great voice but something about her personality or the vibe she gives...just doesn't settle well with me...

miss blondie PG 13 should missed the first girl...she was, she should go instead of blondie.

shamaine said...

i so have to learn the names of the contestants


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