Thursday, February 21, 2008

Alba Seein' Ya!

First thing I noticed about Danny Noriega was how feeyuss he is and how much like Jessica our little princess seems.

I may not be the first to observe it, but note the translucent skin, the long shapely eyebrows, the hazel-green eyes, the bone structure and possibly the same X chromosome that both Princess D and Jessica share:

The voting began tonight and I am watching a recording of the live show. So far the first two contestants have been a little disappointing. I do remember Danny having great showmanship and being a little uppity about himself, but he does have the potential to go far in the game.

Go Princess! Go one for the girlssss!

Lovey, C


shamaine said...

Danny Noriega :......well someone wasn't LIKING IT!!!! (stares at Simon Cowell)...

hahaha..classic man!

mamasan said...

I hope he doesn't get annoying because he does have talent. I fear he may end up being Sanjaya.


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