Saturday, February 18, 2006

turning japanese, i think i'm

Hi y'all! Actorlympics begins again on Wednesday and boy, do we have a treat for you! As usual we will have an opening number which is going to surprise you - guaranteed!

If you want to catch some of the guys on the radio, tune in to X Fresh on 103.0FM on Tuesday night about 8.30pm to hear Na'a Murad ("sabo? sabo mandi?") and Hafidzuddin (Fish) have a chat about being in Actorlympics.

We are also planning a chat on Red104.9, but i will confirm time and date asap.

For your information, tickets are starting to sell, though there's plenty left if you reserve now, or better, go buy them so that you know you won't miss out!


ladynina said...

yup.. they are selling fast like hot-fried-banana.. we'll met at TAS.. :-)

Unknown said...

will there anybody clad in mawashi?

mamasan said...

ah... you know i can't answer that!

see you there!


Unknown said... answer that hints something...nvm, we'll see this friday.hope i can find something japanese to wear, like a gaban's suit or ultraman's.

btw, feel free to ask me 3 questions about me, that you would want to know. you can ANYTHING, anything at all.hey, you even ask something for the fun of it...


pye:rudz said...

mawashi eh? what if i wear one during the 24th show?
hmm... anybody seen my razor? heehee


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