Monday, February 13, 2006

i wana be a pwintheth

These last few days have been a little on the draggy side, what with me getting a little fluey and encountering some stumbling blocks at work which have slowed us up a little bit. Everything seems to be going in slo-mo, and my eyes are looking out of my head as if from a cloud of cotton, and my head feels a little foggy and when i make a sudden turn to the left, the visual image is delayed by a few moments.

Anyway, we went to see PGL the musical and were basically blown away. If you have ever seen a broadway musical, you know that the music is going to be kicking, the choreography and the acting will all come together in such a way as to stir you deep down inside - and you expect to be drawn into a world and be whisked away into the whole fantasy of it all. Well, although we had to leave after the first half, we got everything we expected and more - and the funny thing is, the whole idea of the Hang Tuah/PGL romance being THE romance finally came through onstage as it didnn't in the movie.

Unfortunately, I would have to say that the lack of chemistry between M Nasir's Hang and Tiara's PGL looks like it might have been due to poor Abang Nasir's restraint. I hazard the thought that maybe, being a major player in the entertainment industry perhaps Abang Nasir may have felt his actions were being scrutinised and may not have wanted too much to expose himself in the media as being too "forward" in his acting. But, dammit! This is Hang tuah and Gusti Puteri! I am waiting for the day when two actors can act out their supreme desire for each other without it being misconstrued as real-life passion between actors. Until then, we will only ever see our actors going through the motions of "looking" in love. Sorry, but it's tap water and leaves us all wanting in the satisfaction department...

Sometimes things like that, you can never really tell if they're going to work until you see the final product. But, it can safely be said that the combination of live music, the largesse of the musical format, and the change in leading man has resulted in a chemistry which jumps off the stage and invites everyone in to the romance pathos.

Of course, Adlin Aman Ramli with his signature smirk was a delight to watch. But I think the real star was AC Mizal, whose Gusti Adipati was charismatic, imposing and yet human. He is larger than life, and yet when it comes to the moment when he has to defer to the more powerful Mahmud of Melaka, his desparation is tangible, and you kind of feel for his omentarily pathetic figure - why? because AC is such a master of his body and of the theatrics of the scene. He is truly a star and if he's not careful, whill be so in demand for muscial theatre he won't have time for film!!

Anyway, if you have a chance (and they are selling well), go check it out. They can't extend the run because Stephen R-H is on a limited schedule (by the way, his voice is lovely and has a lemak quality to his ending notes, though I think he learnt his script phonetically from a coach and, though he speaks well, I am not sure he quite understands the nuances of what he is saying - still, if you're into musicals and want to see a Hunk Tuah, you won't be disappointed).

Also, my little girl who cut her own hair had her aunt see to the mess, and is now sporting a pixie cut which I think brings out her gorgeous black eyes. It worried me a little that she insisted she didn't want to look like a boy (at 3, where on earth did she pick up the notion that short hair equals boy?) but there's no danger of that with her because she always asks if she looks like a pwintheth and smells like one or not. She hates pants and will wear the same dress for days if she had her way.

So if any of you see her, don't forget to tell her how much like a pwintheth she really is (my first favor of you) and please avoid saying short hair and boy in the same sentence!

I say I wana be a pwintheth because I have been thinking of how much we rush about and run after details and dates and things and never really have a chance for a break. I was thinking how you would really have be royalty not to have to earn your way in this world. The only other way to keep a balanced, healthy, happy life is to constantly monitor yourself and make sure you don't let the pressure build - but this also sounds like a lot of constant work. Still, if it all becomes a habit, then I suppose it would be better to know you have a certain amount of down time everyday that's not for sleeping but for living, and that tomorrow you will feel better for it, and also be looking forward to another downtime for that day too.

So, I am going to let myself yearn for a silly moment and think shopping thoughts and luxury and pretend that it's okay to dream of being a pwintheth....

Lovey, C


Unknown said...

pwintheth?ish dat fyom a foreine langwage owr mush I shpeak like dhish?

(sorry, overdose pengat pisang, and the thought of your angel saying the word princess that way was soo cute. but really, it was the word princess, was it?)

ladynina said...

i wanna be a pwintheth.. the word pwintheth is so cute to pronounce. surely, i'll tell her how much she looks like a pwintheth when I meet her next time.. heehee !

pye:rudz said...

ma'am, your daughter is already a princess. in fact, both of them. and they will stay cute, always.

Edwin Sumun said...

yay! I'm your 1006th visitor! I've been waiting for your blog to hit a thousand. Yay! And I think Reza has a sarong for me to wear on the 22nd.

Till then... Love on a mountain top.


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