Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crafty? I may have something for you:)

I have idiotically, maniacally, taken up so many different kinds of craft. After culling so many tens of metres of fabric, I took up card-making and beading jewellery - what was I thinking?
So, I will be culling loads of things, starting with beading stuff here.

You can buy everything in the photos for a flat price of RM350. All prices include postage within Malaysia by Registered Parcel Post - allow 7-10 days for delivery. Please do not put your contact details in the comments section - PLACE YOUR ORDER BY PRIVATE MESSAGE on the Zanuck and Roumeli FB page.

Plastic, metallic beads. Smallest beads are about 3x4x5mm.

Seed Beads, all plastic. You will see some extra odd beads to the right, also plastic, and faceted.

Semi-precious unshaped beads. Note the turquoise beads seem to be offcuts or mistake/castoffs.
Also note, an extra string each of black and white beads is included.

Glass beads. Top right, 5 each of heart, fish, leaf and elephant charm/pendants in brushed bronze or plastic/silver effect. Also a press stud kit which u can check in detail in the next photo.
RM300 including press stud kit.

Press stud kit. Comes with tool to hammer studs down. Please be sure you know how to use it before buying.

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