Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Spring Cleaned.

Here's what i decided after watching 2 seasons of Clean House: i don't need much of anything i have at home. Of course, there's lots i think i need, but not much of what would keep me alive if it came down to survival.

I also realised i have a lot in my house that i shop for to feed my hobbies which i tell myself give me purpose. It would be fine if i were committed to seeing those projects through.

It is as if the shopping is on purpose to sabotage myself by getting so much stuff that i couldn't possibly start or finish anything - and i know many out there who fall into this trap.

I also have this dual personality thing going on where i hate to waste anything, but also hate having to store things and clutter because i save more things than i repurpose or recycle them.

Pointless, when i could simply ship them all off for recycling, which my condo facilitates easily.

So i have decided to sell off all my beading and paper supplies for scrapbooking etc. I have stock and i also have gift packages for crafters.

This will all be featured here over the weekend but here is a taste of what is available. Please note that none of the stuff you see here is for sale yet, it is just a sample of it.

Keep you posted!!

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