Thursday, September 2, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I got this in the mail today. Last year i subscribed to Burda and it was awesome getting a magfull of patterns every month. Now i am getting Ottobre which is rather lovely. I am currently on a sewing bender and just finished a blouse for Panini and a birthday dress for Smashing (not her real name either).

Every year i cringe when the time comes to buy new baju melayu (malay dress) for the family. In celebration of Aidilfitri. I think, why? Since i rarely wear it myself, i don't want to accumulate a new one every year. Families like to match colours, and i have always resisted the idea because i think if i am going to spend i might as well get something i love completely and not compromise to suit a few other people, be they family or no.

However this year i have capitulated and am going the whole hog: we are all going to match each other right down to the shoes, dammit!

Hubby's stepmum sewed mine and the girls' baju and a matching sampin for him. I am about to embark on a sewing adventure: to see if i can make him a baju johor style that will stand up to scrutiny. Since he is a large fella it is hell buying off the rack, so if i don't do a good job he will be bajuless :) heh.

I chose a dark blue and orange check on a light steel grey for all our skirts. A modern colour spin on that traditional check. Our tops are steel grey for the girls and a drker bluish grey for us. I am also making Illy's baju which will be all check. Photo evidence will come soon. If no photo appears in the near future, well, you can only guess what disasters have happened. I already made one that i had to scrap because the arms were too tight and the neckhole so large he looked like a model for Jean Paul Gaultier - the happy fisherman look if you know what i mean! He was so kind, simply saying it felt a little tight when it was obviously horrible!

Wish me luck, and if i dont post before then, Happy Aidilfitri, Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin!!

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