Sunday, September 5, 2010

Say a Little Prayer


When you are feeling scared or feeling alone 
And need some strength to carry on,
Think of things that make you strong
Think of people to whom you belong.

Think of those who love you very much
And friends who will keep in touch
Think of how they care for you
And everything you want to do.

If you're scared and can't forget
The scary things inside your head
Just think of all the fun we make
When having fun just for fun's sake.

And take a deep and quiet breath
And bring in light into your head
And let the light become the love
That comes from us and from above.

Then open up your big brown eyes
And look into the deep dark skies
And instead of shadows in the night
See the stars that will be your light.

So though we may not be with you 
And though you dread the fear and fright
Know that love will see you through
And guide you through the lonely night.

Say a prayer and say good things
And love the ones who love you too
And know that we will always love
Our special Angel Baby Boo.

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