Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daily Ruminations

Having a third child after the two eldest are practically grown up is like giving yourself a headsup you didn't have the first time around.

I'm calmer and enjoying the daily baby milestones, which before was rather skimmed over due to work, stress and having a toddler to look after as well.

My mornings begin with a groggy bumping around while I try to get the girls ready for school. They are always late, but at least I (usually) get them there :)

Then I get to spend some time with Illy Bean, usually she gets to snuffle about in her cot while I have breakfast. Then she gets fed some solids in her spiffy yellow Bumbo, courtesy Aunty Panini. She isn't taking to the bottle at all so I finally cottoned on and got her a sippy cup, which she loves! Maybe she will take formula from it. I see the light at the end of the breastfeeding tunnel! Finally, I can wear clothes which do not have to have baby room...

Then she gets a nap during which I surf the net or do all the other stuff I should be doing like cleaning up or doing bill chores blablabla.

Being at home has made my crafting and sewing urges kick in, but as it so often is, the desire is not met by the effort! So I have a lot of ideas and a general itching to make things, but "real life" (or is it purely procrastination often gets in the way. Truthfully, I do spend a lot of time with baby in my arms. However I could also let her be when she gurgles for attention. I think it is getting easier because now she can creep and sit up, so I can get a good half hour if I put her in her spiffy wheely chair or lay her on her tummy and let her roll around.

She can grasp things but can't control the speed with which she brings them to her mouth, so she often punches herself in the face :(

Besides baby stuff there is one thing foremost in my mind - the amount of junk and waste going through and collecting in our home. We live in a condo. It's 3 plus 1 bedrooms - basically the plus one is a storage cupboard or pantry. We don't need extra space at all, it's more than big enough. It's just the functional spaces are too few. We really need an extra room. Currently our stuff is spilling over onto our floors. I have already had two major clean outs and garage sales (highly profitable for junk I must say!). I can't get rid of much more, though I must confess I am a fabric hoarder. There, I said it!!

At our office we have reels and reels of our movies which cannot be simply discarded. I wish there were a recycling facility for industrial / commercial waste such as old film negatives here in Malaysia. Currently they all just get THROWN OUT!! They don't even destroy them!  Talk about IP protection!

So I was thinking of somehow using the film stock and the film cans that store the negatives. Repurposing for jewellery, decor, etc? How many people are there in the world who want yet another set of earrings made of cut up film negatives? Trays made from film can covers?

To me, the 30-odd film copies are potential profit for someone. Alas, many Malaysians still see junk as rubbish and do not see the potential for after-use profits. Businesses out there that collect junk and recycle them, or destroy old stocks carefully for recycling or repurposing - they hire people, they use resources too. It's a legitimate, profitable industry is it not?

If you know of facilities that do this kind of thing, please let me know!


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