Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Call for information!!

I was thinking long and hard about the film stock thing and decided I could at least see if anyone out there has some information they could help me with. So here goes:

Do you have knowledge of people who would be able to safely destroy or recycle about 40 boxes of film stock? 

There is one important condition to be met from our company's point of view: the film itself needs to be destroyed or cut up to protect our copyright.

Each box has a set of 4-6 film reels / cans which I think are aluminium. The film itself is plastic coated with photographic chemicals, the composition of which I am not sure.

Would you know of any company who could do some or all of the following:

Destroy the negatives safely or cut them up prior to repurposing 

Recycle or repurpose the film cans

Recycle or repurpose the boxes.

Would they collect the film and would they charge?

Apparently development labs can handle old film stock - but it seems they simply throw the cans out! The effort of emptying the reels must be too much - because even they could re-use the old film cans. I suppose they must be cheaper to buy new than to employ someone to empty!

Hope someone can help!



pye:rudz said...

u-uh, sorry cant help you with this.

Thisishollywood said...

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