Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's not all get in on it!

Seems there has been a retaliatory attack on a surau this morning. Turns out some drunk did it in the spur of the moment.

Since writing this I have come to believe that all this is not so much a religious hate issue as a political one - one that incenses the common people into believing that religion and race are the reasons why these things happen. I would go so far as to say that the people who did this were under the employ of those who stand to benefit the most from an unrestful society - say one that would eventually need force to be controlled. 

I would say, stay calm and just believe that those who did this (and others who might follow suit) do not represent the majority, as you might tell from the outpouring of internet sentiment rejecting these violent acts. I think most people do not want to even think of the repercussions of these acts and might even reject dialogue about it purely because it is so distressing.

Unfortunately for those eager for action, sane dialogue is the only way to keep things on an even keel. Once we let emotions rule us, we lose ourselves, we lose our sanity so to speak. And Islam is about not losing ourselves, about being present, being moderate, avoiding excesses which lead to our "insanity" (not madness in the traditional sense, but the loss of our grip on our rational behaviour).

Please stay calm everyone, and be safe. 

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