Friday, January 8, 2010

Muslims bring more shame to their kind, again. Malaysia's Malaise strikes again!

Apparently last night a church was fire-bombed in Desa Melawati.

I live around there. My kids go to a school around there. Their friends are Chinese, Eurasian, Malay, Indian, mixedupjumbledups, who are variously Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and dear God knows what else. Who cares? They are children, they are human, and so are their parents and family and friends.

Those idiots who firebombed the church probably spent a few hours planning and executing their vicious and mindless actions and I would imagine went home feeling very proud of themselves for it.

If there had been a caretaker or church worker living in the church, they would have committed manslaughter, though in my opinion, their motives would have transmuted their crime to the level of murder.

All this about the word "Allah".

You know, sometimes mindless people need to be talked to as if they really are missing their brain. They need to be taken through the basics of understanding. For example, the word "ring" is used to mean a ring. But the word itself cannot be the ring. You don't wear the word, you wear the actual ring.

This distinction seems to elude these bright stars of faith who think they are doing Islam a favour. The word "Allah" is Arabic for God, and for the Judaeic, Christian and Muslim Arabs, they all use this Arabic word to mean God.

Hello, fools? All these religions BELIEVE IN THE SAME GOD. Have you finally gotten that into your dense little skulls?

Also, it is a word from a language. You cannot own it. And you cannot stupidly try to tell people you don't like that they cannot say or think about either the WORD (Allah) or what it means (One God) - because you can't own the meaning either!

It's like trying to put a fence around air, simply because you have decided that you are more special than the others that the air itself has been put there to help breathe.

If you don't get this, God has indeed abandoned you and you are no better than your other single-cell organism friends.

Hopefully, you have a friend or mentor around you who might understand and just pull you aside and say, "hey brother, hey sister, you're making me malu cos now everyone knows I am the friend of an idiot. Will you shut up please? And stop burning things and maybe go get a real purpose in life, life FOLLOWING ALLAH'S TENNETS - you know, the five pillars, mate?"

Someone, please, before innocent children and adults get hurt just going about their daily lives.

Condemn these petty, dangerous, mindless, unIslamic, unmindful, excessive and pathetic actions by faithless people.

Disappointed that the government is twiddling their thumbs while lounging under their 1Malaysia banners, which all you poor taxpayers forked over your cash to pay for.


If you won't listen to me, perhaps you'd listen to the decree of the Prophet as MM has posted here.
Edited to add an interesting viewpoint here.


Nuy D said...

I couldn't agree more with you! We all should condemn these kind of actions. This is not Islam.
this is a mindless fanaticism act.

No wonder the world out there sees us Muslim people as terrorists. We can't blame them for what they see rite?

mamasan said...

HI Nuy D! HNY!

Totally agree. MIndless acts of a random few who can't possibly represent Islam, but they end up being the face of it, cos that's what we see on the news etc. sigh.

PahNur said...

You don't even need religion to recognize humanity. To be human, solving matters using violence and war IS NOT AN OPTION.

This whole dung is more of a political issue then a religious one. They do it allllllll the time and it's just sickening.

Islam is not about pissing on trees like dogs, marking territories, it's about uniting mankind. The act of bombing a house that calls upon god's name is just, sacrilege!!!

mamasan said...

PahNur, I had a conversation today which went along similar lines as your post, and I would tend to agree with you. Judging by what little I have seen on the net, most are horrified by these rash acts. I've even read speculation about May 13 reprisals yada yada yada. It would be very interesting to know who the brains are, but what scares me is that even if we were to know, very little public action would be seen. The culture of fear and submission is so deeply entrenched. People don't like it when others talk too loud.

Thanks for stopping by!

PahNur said...


Funny how politicians are pointing fingers at each other on who'd dunnit..we on the other hand, should point our middle finger at them and say, NO MORE SHALL WE BE YOUR PAWN IN YOUR CHESS GAME...besides, imbeciles take ages to finish one chess game...imagine being a pawn to the most boring-est chess game ever


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