Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back To Life

Life begins again with the new season of American Idol.

Welcome back, Simon, I missed you. I have reserved your favourite spot on the tv for our biweekly dates.

They're now in Hollywood going through the crap stage. This part of the season is the part I find uncomfortable to watch. They're all put through the wringer and sometimes get eliminated, not because of their talent, but because of how they handled the pressure: not very well. It's hard to watch humanity disappearing, but every now and then, gorgeous souls bubble up and remind me that good people are everywhere! I especially adored love-butterfly Rose, who after a terrible night, turned to the only singer who got through and gave her a congratulatory hug, despite losing out.

THankfully the judges tend to weed out the nasty ones along with the poor victims.

I have some favourites already, and hope they get through to the next round.

Adam Lambert - bring it on girl! If you don't make it on Idol, you can make it on Broadway, or at least a cabaret speakeasy. With a little less flamboyance, emo rock! The world is at your feet!

David Osmond. Yes. O-s-m-o-n-d. Hope he doesn't turn out to be a dick or crazy or something.

Jorge Bandana Banana Man. Patrecia Lewis Roman. I loved Rose, lovebutterflygirl, but she is definitely out.

Till next time~C

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Anonymous said...

megan corkrey.
consider her in your list.


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