Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's God's Will

Some people are very clever. Some people just know how to get away with anything. They talk smart and they know how to play on people's beliefs, emotions, even religion and tradition. These people often come across as sincere, but once you get that feeling that you can't trust them, they always make you shiver with disgust when you see them in action, spinning their lies.

Does anyone know what revisionism is? It's like when you do something terrible, or you didn't do something to stop something bad from happening, or you know that the less people know the truth about something, the better for you? So you decide in your mind that maybe, it would be better for you not to admit to the past simply because you would be protecting the people around you from hurt or pain or unnecessary strain.

Except that really, what you are doing is lying - and by doing so, robbing the others around you of making informed, rational, measured, truthful decisions or opinions about their history, their community, their friends or family, their situations. Well, revisionism is what I call doing that on a huge, huge scale. So huge it involves schools, textbooks, media, speeches and full-on spin doctoring.

It's also something people in general seem to fall back on when put on the spot. I don't mean every individual would do that, but most people tell themselves it's ok to do that - kind of a double whammy if you like.

So when I read that a local celeb, who was caught cheating on his wife refuses to divorce her because he still loves her, says to the press that if God wills it, he would not be averse to marrying the woman he cheated on his wife with!

He thinks he is impressing everyone by dropping God's name (isn't that blasphemy?) into the picture. What he is really saying is that he is not at all responsible for himself and his terrible actions (oh, and I think adultery is sinful too, right?). So does that mean he is not responsible for his stupidity, idiocy, disrespect to the mother of his children (and thereby all women by the way)? Is it God who has painted him as a laughable clown in the eyes of rational people who aren't just like him? I don't think he ever needed that kind of help - he obviously digs his own holes quite well on his own.

Firstly, I don't know what person could honestly believe that he still loves his wife. If he did, he wouldn't have hurt her or allowed all this to be dragged into the media. Pure and simple. He has simply told himself that he is right, without any thought of how wrongly he has treated her. So everything he does is fine by him.

Sure, a man can get sick of his wife. There might even be honour in a man who who is brave enough to end a relationship because he is unhappy, rather than two-time someone and make them feel like they were dragged through the mud. He has no respect for her dignity because he simply has no dignity himself - what a slime.

And the other woman? Shame on you. You really are no prize. (There is no way you had no idea either).

Dig deeper, people. If you find yourself in a bad situation, there is so much more you can do than just let it get worse - like having a little respect for others who have placed their trust in you, who are taking care of your family, and who above all, are loving you. It means being honest. Or ending something. Or just plain not going there.


Oh, and, for all those people out there getting upset about my smoking habit, I am completely responsible for it, and you are right to blame me for actually smoking it myself - though I think it would be very hard for me to blame someone else for actually putting the cigarette to my lips. At least I'm not blaming God for doing it to me. I have more control and power over myself, obviously, than others. And if any of those haters had bothered to find out more about me, they would know that I have never hidden the fact that I smoked. There must be many little bored brains out there because it seems as if I am the only woman / mother / celebrity wife who has ever smoked. Oh, you nutters. You forgot about other women you know who also smoke. But I bet you wouldn't confront them (or me) face to face. Must be nice hiding behind a computer.

By the way, though I officially stopped a few months ago, I am still taking a puff now and then, and yes, I do inhale.

Am I the only one who gets revolted by the popular musically-titled sunday show that rips into people's private lives and sensationalises their reports with severely edited / manufactured interviews? I cringe and get so disgusted that it literally sends vile waves up and down my arms. I am sure there are readers out there who have been unnecessarily spotlighted by their family, friends, work colleagues or community just for being an easy target. Think of how it made you feel to be unnecessarily put on the spot. Then think about it again when you find yourself about to put someone else on the spot. Have some self-control and think about whether it is all worth it, because it isnt just that person, it's the people around them too. Kids eventually grow up and learn to read.

Or, practise revisionism and decide that it's ok for you to be an a**hole.


If you truly believe in God, then you should ACT as if God is watching you, and not like you were raised in a barn.

UGH!! Where were their mothers??!!??! Who let them grow into these ugly moles?

No wonder we all smoke.

"We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell." Oscar Wilde "The Duchess of Padua"


pye:rudz said...

evil has always been in us whether we realize it or not. it's just how we unleash them that counts.

sit! good boy...

Kimi Kay MS said...

wow, lotsa points of deep thoughts to be pondered & appreciated, you go girl! just couldn't agree more about everything you mention here, especially about that celebrity-have-always-rights-to-right-their-wrongs-just-by-using-the-name-of-God, it is just one of the sickening things which has become one of the norms set & complied to among these kinda celebrities. can't wait to read your whole's great to know that there are great people like you not afraid to say their minds over these kinda unacceptable stupidities & ignorance.


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