Friday, October 31, 2008

Time to throw out my trousers

Oh my! All this time I have been wearing trousers and shorts and t-shirts, men's shirts, coats and jackets, hats, kilts and godknowswhat else that could potentially have TURNED ME INTO A MAN!!!!

I suppose I should warn all my cross-dressing brothers (should I say "sisters"?) to expect to miraculously transform into women once they don their dresses and skirts tonight!

Or maybe I got it all wrong, and that actually this is totally NOT about magical physical transformations and that it's all about the little man inside every one of us that can't handle sharing the pros of having a nutsac. Yes, I say it is the little man, because the little woman inside of each and every one of us would simply say, "here, let's have half each!" or "you know, you can just have my half, because all it does is get in the way, and i don't really see what the big deal is. What? Oh, you think it's a big deal? well, if you say so, dear. Now, run along and play nice."

If you haven't a clue what I am raving about, then i'll tell you. There's a new thingy going round that girls who emulate male dressing CAN'T. So throw out them trousers, girls, we're moving back to vlakaland, you know, when we had to use our hands to make our own food grow?

I've been hearing about people in the states being ready to migrate out of the country if Obama doesn't make it to office. There's nowhere left to run.


pye:rudz said...

oh my, all scottish dude must've been girls then.
naahhh pale joke.

mamasan said...

maybe pale but so right. what a sad state of affairs. what about all the real problems out there? like corruption, murder, rape?


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