Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ten Year Countdown to Potential Death Rite

My first daughter is eight. That means in ten years, she will be up for the lottery that decides which of all of our children "gets" to attend our russian roulette telematch - the Pointless Recruitment System we have so proudly been told will give them character and life experience. And what better life experience than the threat of possible death hanging over one's head for three months.

Some people think this is excellent teaching for children. I may be inclined to agree, given that some children do benefit from that - say, children who have been brought up to believe kerises need to drink blood to continue to be powerfully metallic, or children who like to call other people names, or children who have learnt the benefits of the manipulation of kinder beings. Yes, maybe those children would benefit from psychological pressure of some sort.

However most children, I do not think would benefit from an albeit intangible mortal threat. After all, there is no proof that the Recruitment is actually killing people, or that it was designed to kill people. Yet, I can't seem to shake off the facts, the results (Should I ignore these? Because I'm getting confused).

The fact is that 16 kids have died over the course of four years. That's quite a high ratio. Or is it correlation? I think, scientifically, after four years, I could theorise that we could expect a child to die every three months. Four per year? Please check my maths.

The fact is that during four years of random character building, I see a corresponding drop in the responsibility shown by those in charge. One even said the programme should not be stopped "just because of one or two deaths". I am quoting from a news source, so check it out yourselves.

The fact is that our people don't need to prepare themselves against outside attackers, we are very capable of killing our own by ourselves, thank you very much. So why all the expense? We should channel that money into some kind of waste recycling, highly profitable disposal system.

Okay, okay, lessons against national defence aside, if we are to continue with it, why is it that we can't do it right, like other countries who only lose their children in ACTUAL WARFARE? Keep them alive for the battles, that's the point, isn't it?

I despair to think that we all have to tunduk to the very people who don't give a shit about us like this.

Wait. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe by "Service", they actually think they are doing us a favour, like population control or something. Gosh, I am so confused. Maybe it IS alright for this to keep happening. I should just shut up.


Since writing this I have found my information may not be completely accurate, based on a local new source. IT seems it's not 16 but 22 that have died. Though this source may be questionable, I don't find it completely unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

you know, X ... maybe the company that does the name tags and uniforms can't cope with the high volume orders, which is why ... you know ...

mamasan said...

hmmm, i hope they don't go into school uniform supply

Anonymous said...

I have sent my kids to Aussie and told them not get back till they are married and have children.


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