Sunday, May 4, 2008

stupid women beget stupid men

I am so proud of my country's leaders. We are a nation led by the best.

They care so much about me and my kin, they have decided that I require more supervision than any adult could ever hope for. Apparently they are suggesting that all women travelling outside of the country alone, would be safer and inviolable if we were to carry letters from our daddies, telling people we are doing so.

Aren't these men perfect representatives of the stupid women who let them grow up to be the way they are? Yes, I said it, the stupid women who allowed their sons to become these men, or perhaps who allowed their husbands to bring up their sons this way. Whatever happened, these women had the power to turn my stoopey leaders into intelligent people, but instead they sublimated their right to turn opportunity their way into nothing, dare I say it, for a life of non-confrontation and docile security.

So now I, a woman who could probably make more honourable decisions in parliament in one day than they could in a whole lifetime, am required to get permission from my father or my husband (or if they are dead, the paedophile next door, as long as he's male, they don't care what kind of male) when I travel, even though I am trusted by society to take care of two whole human children without permission from anyone?

Don't get me wrong, I do not save my rage for their mothers only, for these men are old enough to make the choice to be civil, humane and intelligent.

Or do they need letters from their mothers to explain their grotesquely, embarrassingly, mortifyingly backwards-ass idiocy?

Itching to punch stupid in the face,

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Anonymous said...

i understand the feeling, anyway...aramai tie!!! chill out, Monday's over.

PahNur said...

The Islam practiced in Malaysia is not what is depicted in the actual Islam actually. Google this if you're interested in knowing the truth about how bloody men supresses the women...
"The Reformist Translation of the Quran". (

You'd be surprised, then disgusted at muslim men and their manipulation over women. Try, if you have the time to read the complete Quran translation in PDF


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